Junior High In Bentonville Evacuated In Bomb Threat

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Washington Junior High in Bentonville was evacuated on Friday (May 23) in a bomb threat, officials said.

A letter discovered in a bathroom contained the word “bomb,” so authorities evacuated the school at 1501 N.E. Wildcat Way while police conduced a search, said Mary Ley, spokeswoman. The incident happened about 11 a.m.

No explosive devices were found. Children returned to class a short time after the search ended, Ley said.


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  • Mark Smith

    Get ready another 12 year old felon! Hysterical educators who came up with zero tolerance policies and lobbying efforts to get prosecutors to charge CHILDREN as adults should all lose their jobs for displaying a total lack of good judgement.

    Making a 12 year a felon is ridiculous. While these things are serious and deserve swift and severe appropriate punishment, making a child a felon is, unto itself, criminal. Common sense people not hostage taking for Political correctness.

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