Bentonville School Rape Suspect Accused Of Two More Sexual Assaults

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Ali Matar, 21, was arrested Thursday (May 22) on suspicion of rape and 2nd degree sexual assault. Matar is being accused of sexually assaulting two six-year old girls, according to the Bentonville Police Department.

He had previously been arrested on May 14 on suspicion of raping a five year-old girl. Police said it happened during the after-school program Adventure Club at R.E. Baker Elementary, where he was employed.

Matar was still in custody when he was arrested for a second time. He was being held on $75,000 bond but authorities increased the amount to $250,000.

Bentonville police said further investigation led to the additional charges. Chief Jon Simpson said the new allegations also happened during the after school program.

Matar could face between 25 to 40 years in jail for the rape charge and five to 20 years in jail for the sexual assault in the second degree.

Bentonville School Superintendent Mike Poore said they sent a letter home to parents Friday. He said the school is doing everything they can to make sure kids are safe.

"We are already critiquing everything as in policies and procedures," Poore said, "We know we meet the state's standards, but we also know that we may need to do additional things maybe even above and beyond where we are currently at."

Poore said the school is working with the Children's Advocacy Center and the Bentonville Police to help parents talk to their children about the recent events.

He said there will be a parent forum at Bentonville High School on May 29 at 7 p.m.

Matar remains in the Benton County Jail.


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