Witness Sought For Questioning In Tontitown Killing

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The Washington County Sheriff's Office is seeking a 34-year-old Springdale man for questioning as a "material witness" in this week's knife-slaying in Tontitown.

Lewis Anthony Hedges is believed to be armed with a semi-automatic pistol and might be driving a blue Dodge Neon, according to a post on the Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Hedges is 5-foot-11 and weighs 225 pounds. He has brown eyes and brown hair, according to the Facebook post.

Hedges is being sought for questioning in the killing on Wednesday (May 21) of LeAnn Frazier, 32, a Sheriff's Office official told 5NEWS.

A suspect in the killing, 19-year-old Brock Atkins of Tontitown, was arrested Wednesday and booked into the Washington County Detention Center on suspicion of capital murder. He appeared before a judge at the detention center on Friday (May 23) and was given a June 23 arraignment.

Atkins is accused of stabbing Frazier in the throat on May 21 until she was dead during an altercation that centered on drugs, according to court documents.

Fraizer's family told 5NEWS they have no idea who Hedges is or what involvement he may have had with her death.

Family members said police told them that 13 people were at Brock Atkin's home at the time of her killing.

Frazier's father, Marvin Stout, said he appreciates how quickly the police are moving to solve the case.

"I'm real pleased with how fast they are moving with it," Stout said, "And as many people as they have talked to already, I just hope anybody that has any information on it would come forward."

Stout and other family members attended Atkin's initial court appearance Friday at the Washington County Detention Center. The family is seeking the death penalty in the case.


  • the truth hurts

    Which one held the gun and told the kid to kill the door baning meth addicted loud mouth not so tough now when you are 6 feet under

  • soonerfan

    This is sad. Drugs or not someone died. Kids without a mom. Give him the death penalty. Save time and money.

  • the truth hurts

    They only give the death penalty if you kill the police an she not police she just a loud mouth that tried to be tough didnt do no good though


    HE DID NOT COMMIT CAPITAL MURDER. HE WAS NOT COMMITTING A CRIME DURING THE COURSE OF THE MURDER. HE DID NOT PRE MEDITATE OR PLAN THIS CRIME, THEREFORE HE DID NOT COMMIT 1ST DEGREE MURDER. She came to his house beating on his door at 4 am and her drug dealer held him at gunpoint. Those are called mitigating circumstances. At best he committed 2nd degree murder. Hopefully he can get a competent attorney and a jury that isn’t rigged. The death penalty is not going to happen. Gregoy Decay was the last person sentenced to the death penalty and that was for pre meditated double murder committed during the course of a robbery. This kid should only be convicted of 2nd degree murder. B felony. 20 years. That is the opinion of most registered voters.

    • confused

      this is the opinion of one person not the public. you dont know if he was commiting a crime at the time this happened unless you were there. Right now they are taking the word of a killing crack head.

  • confused

    all of you saying she deserved to die cause she was on drugs. Yet you dont think the crack head that killed her deserves the death penalty. Makes no sense uless you to are a crack head.

  • Sk

    Brock was my friend at one point and time befor all the dope in his life
    And I believe he deserves to die plan and simple not only for
    Killing her but for brutal way he murderd her!!!

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