President Obama Makes Surprise Visit To Troops In Afghanistan For Memorial Day

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Soldiers at Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan got a surprise from their Commander-In-Chief this Memorial Day weekend.

President Barack Obama made an unannounced visit Sunday to visit U.S. forces.

He spoke to troops at a rally and thanked them for their service.

He also spoke on the security agreements that were made with Afghanistan. This is the President’s fourth tripĀ  to the country since May of 2012.

Joining President Obama was country music singer Brad Paisley.

President Obama met Paisley at the White House two years ago, and said there is no better person that could have joined him for Sunday’s surprise.

Paisley performed songs from his new album Moonshine in the Trunk, as well as traditional patriotic songs.


  • The Peace Maker

    Thank you Mr. President. Thank you Brad Paisley. I am sure the troops welcomed your visit. While some people are grilling hamburgers and steaks on this holiday weekend and enjoying family recreation, you are both supporting our military troops. Thanks again.

    Thank you to all the military for serving our country.

    To all the naysayers, just remember what your Mother taught you. If you can’t say something nice, a response is not required or needed.

      • Bob Gnarly

        The naysayers to Bush’s post 9/11 Iraq war are certainly true patriots.

        Those who think G.W., V.P. Cheney, and crew should answer for:
        manufacturing evidence for that war,
        exposing an undercover CIA agent,
        lying to congress and the American people about about the Plame case while millions of dollars were spent investigating it,
        doing nothing to seal our nation’s borders post 9/11,

        are true patriots.

  • Tom Sambo

    This is no sincere act of appreciation. It is a mere political stunt by a despicable, anti-American criminal thug to deflect attention away from his VA scandal. Nothing more; nothing less.

    • Bob Gnarly

      Yep, Tom. Bush’s landing on the aircraft carrier to declare victory in Iraq absolutely oozed sincerity and appreciation.
      Of course, it should be noted that over 4,000 troops (absolutely true patriots) lost their lives in this conflict which was passed on to our current president.

      Do you and Elaphas just sit around and try to think of ways to out-stupid each other?

      • Bob Gnarly

        Forgot to mention that the life loss in the above comment occurred AFTER Bush’s declaration of victory.

    • Sarah 1

      Quoting Breitbart is a bit of a stretch don’t you think? Before the young man passed he admitted many times to changing facts to fit whatever circumstances he was for or against on certain topics such as Obama.

      The remaining crew are frothing at the bit to always continue the legacy of their brave leader. I have to say, no matter where Breitbart was, there was humor laced throughout his commentary. The problem was and is, the site is commentary NOT fact based. Fact based websites give back-up not more supposition. Why you ask, because they are liable for lawsuit if they don’t tell the actual facts.

    • Sarah 1

      Did you even read your link? The American Legion gives the VA a black eye, not Obama.

      I broke my fingernail today, is it Representative Cotton’s fault that Tupperware isn’t safer to store refrigerated fruits?

      Elaphas, you apparently swagger with glee to associate the name Obama, the word liberal or with anything conversation or news story. The truth stings sometimes, doesn’t it? Or are you a paid troll?

      What specifically did Obama lie about to veterans?

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