Nigerian Government Claims It Knows Location Of Missing Girls

Photo courtesy of CBS News.

Photo courtesy of CBS News.

CNN – Nigeria’s chief of defense staff says he knows the whereabouts of schoolgirls kidnapped in northern Nigeria last month.

Despite this, the military will not use force to rescue them, according to the News Agency of Nigeria, a state-run news service.

Boko Haram kidnapped about 300 girls from their school in the northern Borno state more than five weeks ago, and the Islamic extremists still hold 276 as the U.S., Britain and other nations ramp-up efforts to help the Nigerian government find and rescue them, according to CBS News. 

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  • joesumone

    He probably knows of some princes that need help retrieving their millions. Unless we send money now, the group of girls will be lost forever.

  • tayo

    Army can’t be trusted anymore, remember at the beginning off this kindnap saga the army spokes man gave a false information to the public rwgarding the missing girls…

  • K

    Brilliant, Why would you claim that you know where the girls are? If you do great, keep it quiet and set up a rescue. Idiots !! And any news station CNN that reports it is on the same boat !!

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