Beeks Possible In Charlottesville Regional

Jalen Beeks has been missing over the past few weeks from the Arkansas rotation but it's possible the Prairie Grove native could be back for this weekend's regional in Charlottesville, Va.

“The strength of our pitching staff really was our starting pitching,” Dave Jorn, Arkansas pitching coach said. “You know Oliver, Killian and Beeks those guys were going out and giving up 7 or 8 innings every time."

But the Diamond Hogs have been without one of their starters since before the SEC Tournament. Jalen Beeks has been out after soreness is in his elbow, which doctors have said was a sprain. But how important is this one hurler to the team, especially in this regional?

"I mean Beeks is a great pitcher,” Clark Eagan, outfielder said. “It would be huge to have him in the regional."

"We could really use Beeks,” Chris Oliver, pitcher said. “I think he's going to be able to go. But, we got it done without him in the SEC Tournament for two or three games."

"We've done pretty good without me I guess,” Beeks said. “But I am just ready to be back where ever I can. We don't know the notation yet or anything. I just know whoever is out there is going to do a good job."

Although they have been able to get wins without Beeks, his contribution to the lineup has been valuable this season. So the big question now, will we see him on the mound in Virginia with more on the line?

"I don't know. I don't want to give you a straight answer. Probably in relief two to three innings spread out throughout the weekend," Beeks said.

Coach Jorn says he doesn't want more than 50 pitches out of Beeks right now, and also agrees, if we do see him it will be in a relief spot. But although he has been a go to for the Hog, this team is confident where ever Beeks is.

"We have confidence with him coming out of the pen,” Jacob Stone, pitcher said. “That's what he did all last year. So if he can't pitch this weekend people are going to have to step up, and if he can that's just great for our staff."

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