Sheriff: Cameras Found In Former Cop’s Home May Have Recorded Incident

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Cameras found in the home of Naaman Adcock, a former Fort Smith police officer, may have recorded the entire shooting incident, authorities say.

Thursday morning, May 29, deputies with the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at the residence of Adcock, according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

Deputies found video cameras inside the residence that could reveal the previous shooting incident caught on tape.

All evidence has been sent to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for a forensic search of a hard drive and cameras found, according to authorities.

A criminal investigation into Adcock was started after the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office responded to his residence in response to reports of a domestic disturbance and shots being fired.

Adcock was arrested and placed on administrative leave Tuesday (May 27) after Sequoyah County deputies said he fired a gun inside his home and held a gun to a five-year-old child’s head.


    • rick

      THis guy is normally a very nice person. I went to school with him and he was one of the most level headed people that I had met. He didn’t keep the usual cop (I’m watching every move you make in hopes of catching you) demeanor. I have seen marriage issues turn a good man bad many a time….alcohol is usually a big part of it. Mix the drinking with a irrational partner who will not stop acting up. YOu get a cocktail for rage that explodes all over the place. You people have 0 evidence and every time this story gets updated with nearly NOTHING of substance, you start burning the man’s house down. THis is why you folks aren’t in positions to judge this man officially.

      • Bob Gnarly

        It may be a matter of perspective, but, to me, holding a gun to the head of a 5-year-old, shooting holes in the wall of your house, and pulling a gun on a deputy (none of which has been disputed) are THINGS OF SUBSTANCE.
        The general public is very tired of seeing police officers get special treatment by the justice system.

        Example: the two off-duty cops (thugs) who got drunk in a Fayetteville bar, pulled guns on their fellow patrons and were subsequently allowed to drive off without even being deterred for a sobriety check. (They subsequently lost their jobs but the rest of us would have lost so much more)

        Example: The cop who, with no flashing lights or sirens, passes you like you’re sittin’ still when you are doing the speed limit. (Happens every day)

        Example: The cop who wants to search your car for no apparent reason. (Happens multiple times every day)

        Example: The murderer of Joseph Erin Hamely (ASP Larry P. Norman) on full early retirement benefits from the ASP.

        Example: The murderer of James Ahern (Officer Coleman “Duke” Brackney) is currently “serving the public” as only he can as Police Chief of Sulphur Springs.

        I have no doubt as to your sincere feeling that Adcock is “normally a very good good person”. I also have no doubt that many who have their lives ruined or ended by arrogant, aggressive police action are “normally good persons” as well. Fact of the matter is that if he wasn’t a cop most of the cops involved would be high-fiving each other over a few beers.

        And rather than label me a cop-hater (which I’m not). I’d prefer to be labeled as a person who believes in the phrase “and justice for all”, which is proven to be a lie every day in this country.

      • Get Real

        I could not agree more Rick. These self-righteous hypocrites can’t wait to pounce on someone they perceive may be vulnerable at the moment. If the man did wrong, a judge and jury will dispense justice, not the foaming-at-the-mouth vigilantes commenting here.

      • Bob Gnarly

        @ Get Real:

        Hopefully there will be some of these “foaming-at-the-mouth vigilantes” on his jury.

      • stormy

        I agree with you Rick 100%. well said, he is a nice guy. but made a terrible mistake, people have no right to beat him down about his personal problems, people should worry about their own issues, I bet they have things they wouldnt want blasted on 5 News.

      • Bob Gnarly


        You wanna talk about “vulnerability”? A 5 year old with a gun to his head. It don’t get more vulnerable than that.

  • Sean

    So two days later they still don’t know what’s on the recording? Or are they just not going to show us?

  • atc8824

    Why is it that when somebody commits a crime they always have this sad look on their face like it wasn’t me knowing dang well they are guilty.

    • rick

      He looks like that because he is normally a very good person. The things in this story are not things that he would normally do. SOmething must have happened to push things this far. His look just signifies just how horrible he feels for letting things escalate this far. Naamon is normally a good guy.

      • Sean

        I think most of us have fought with an antagonizing person before, rarely does it end up with an adult holding a gun to a 5 yr olds head.

        No matter how great a guy he has been, he’ll always be justifiably judged by that gross and cowardly act.

      • Bob Gnarly

        Rick, if i were you I think I’d pick some other, and perhaps more worthwhile brother, to defend.

      • HL

        rick, This creep held a gun on a 5 year old child. No amount of him being “normally a good guy” is going to redeem him after that, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Mark Smith

    Hey Response “The good guys?” What, are you 4? Assuming you’re not 4, your black and white thinking is an obvious sign of Borderline Personality Disorder, a condition known to be common amount rogue cops. If you’re in law enforcement, please serve the public and stop being one.

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