Funeral Held For Local Slain Woman As Suspect Extradited To Arkansas

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Family members of fatal stabbing victim LeAnn Frazier laid her to rest Friday in a funeral in Springdale. The funeral came the same day a suspected accomplice in Frazier's killing was extradited from Texas to Washington County.

"Thank God, whoever is responsible for his capture…I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Frazier's mother Joyce Stout said.

The family said they were forced to conduct a closed-casket funeral because of the visible injuries Frazier's sustained at the time of her death May 21.

“I couldn’t go to the grave site because I brought my daughter into this world…I couldn’t take her out," Stout said.

She said she was overwhelmed by the amount of people that came to her daughter's funeral, but said she wasn't prepared for the burial.

“I gave her my plot, and you don’t expect to bury your daughter before you,” Stout said.

Lewis Hedges, 34, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center at 5:10 a.m. Friday (May 30) after being transferred from the Cass County Jail in Texas, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Hedges had his initial appearance before a magistrate judge at the detention center on Friday for a routine hearing. He is being held without a bond at the detention center in Fayetteville and is scheduled to be arraigned there on June 11, according to the Sheriff's Office website.

Hedges was arrested Thursday (May 29) by authorities in Texas following an interstate manhunt that began a week ago when Washington County deputies named Hedges as a “material witness” in LeAnn Frazier’s stabbing death from May 21. The Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday named Hedges as an accomplice to murder and released a warrant for Hedges’ arrest.

Frazier's family said they have no idea who Lewis Hedges is or why he was there when LeAnn Frazier was killed.

“I just hope Hedges comes through with more names, because they know more than what they’re saying,” Stout said.

The other suspect in the killing, 19-year-old Brock Atkins of Tontitown, was arrested May 21 and booked into the Washington County Detention Center on suspicion of capital murder. He appeared before a judge at the detention center and was given a June 23 arraignment.

The murder suspect remains in the Washington County jail without bond, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Atkins is accused of stabbing Frazier, 32, in the throat on May 21 until she was dead during an altercation that centered on drugs, according to court documents.

An arrest warrant for Hedges states he encouraged Atkins to kill Frazier by telling Atkins Frazier was a “snitch.” Hedges said that Frazier could not be trusted.

The warrant also states that Hedges said Frazier had stolen drugs from him. He then held a semi-automatic handgun to Atkins’ head and told Atkins that he needed to kill Frazier, according to court documents.

Atkins later chased Frazier outside and began stabbing her. Hedges blocked the patio door of the residence to prevent others from helping Frazier in any way, according to the warrant.

Records obtained by authorities show those involved in the murder of Frazier were sending text messages, exchanging phone calls and Facebook messages to third parties discussing the events that had occurred.


  • nunya

    What if he didn’t do any of the things that’s being said. Maybe he was there and he actually left before anything happened?? Maybe, just maybe he was told he had better leave because something bad was going to happen. And maybe the police want him as a material witness and because he didnt come forward they issued a warrent to have him picked up to het thier interview. People and especially the news should wait for the facts before they break out the torches and pitchforks. Or as some intelligent individual said “PVC PIPE AND BARBED WIRE” Then again he could be guilty and did all those things. If so he will have his day in court.

  • the truth hurts

    Maybe he took her over and set her up for the kill maybe him and the other guy set her up to be killed what do you think about that

  • James

    Sounds like this guy is a pretty intimidating thug. More than likely the threaten the other individual with the gun also if they intervened to help this victim. One guy cannot hold back that many people alone by blocking doorway without a weapon. An innocent man does not go on the run without reason of guilt of some crime unless he is afraid for his life because of being a witness. I haven’t heard of any other witnesses on the run. BS, this guy is dangerous and so is the suspect. What punishment they get they deserve, the harsher the better. They witnesses that were there probably had an idea what was gonna take place. Now y’all will have to live with this lady’s murder. If the witnesses had time to make phone calls or use Facebook, why didn’t someone call 911? Or did y’all think she deserved to die also?

  • FedUp

    Wondering if some charges will be filed against the group who stood by and watched this horrific murder?

    • chris

      Kind of dumb don’t you think? Are you gonna pull the knife out of his hands, or her throat. Good luck, you would have been part of the funeral.

  • chris

    I wouldn’t help out either if I seen this happening. My life is more valuable than getting killed trying to help a druggy. Should have straightened up, this is what happens when you mess with drugs. A quick high is worth more than somebody’s life.

  • secret

    Let me tell all u people hating and say maybe this.maybe thay lewis hedges is my family he wasjt no main man or all that he is a minpulator and a woman beater he only preys on the weaker parties he had to find a kid to do his dirty work and it was against a woman not a shocker to me….i have no doubt he is guilty of this…..and yes he is a big man and he deserves everything he has got coming to him i am and always have been ashamed to call him my blood but we all have degenerates in our families i knew he made that kid do it before they even said he was more then a witness i know tony and druggy or not no one should have to be treated and killed like that i think wat thhey did sshould be done tp them….but now that I’m done with this rant i pray for this woman’s family to fibd comfort soon and thru this trial i stand behind them on there plea for the death sentence and i sincerely apologize for what he has done to ur family and i pray for my murders family to help them thru this trying time to realize who someone really is

    • Mark Smith

      Secret, actually very few of us have degenerates as relatives. If u want tonstopbtheae kind of train wrecks from happening in your family then please don’t have babies having more babies at a young age. Prize an education and celebrate that as a means to combat the damage down by degenerates.. what’ cool is you can do this now by going to Ozark Guidance etc..God Bless

  • DavenportPrincess

    I to am related to this piece of shit…and for any of you who think he is innocent let me set you straight Tony is a sexual predator, a wife beater, a druggie who has assaulted several of the female members of his own family. I too knew that he was behind the actual murder before it came out. We all hoped he would do himself in before someone else but sadly that is not what happened. YES his own family thinks he is the devil so it is no surprise that he ended a life, and ruined many many more. He could care less. The other guy is seen in a video laughing and sticking out his tongue and grinning…they are all sick sick sick. All we can do is pray that he goes to prison and that he gets exactly what he has coming. I too want to apologize to the family of the victim. Despite what anyone has to say no one deserves to die like that and our prayers are with her family and we are behind them 100% in wishing for the death penalty.

  • Christie

    Having lived the lifestyle of drugs in my past, I have to say there was no drug out there that could make me a liar, whore, or a thief & especially a murderer & for that I am grateful. I find it hard to believe that one man could keep thirteen people from helping this young woman. I do find it easy however to believe that either the drugs made the 13 evil or that they were just all evil to start with. I know that had I been in a situation like that, in the past, that I would have helped this woman or died trying, You can pick up something & hit some one with it if needed & 13 people working together could have saved this young lady’s life, so with that being said & the fact that they were all calling each other, texting & posting to FB, that they could have called 911. I think that they all should all be in W.C. jail being held accountable for their poor, stupid, selfish decisions. But then they are junkies & all junkies have different priorities according to their high at that moment. I only wish that each one could regain a clear head for a moment & realize that this could have been anyone of them, maybe not exactly the same circumstances , but just by being a junky. I also think that the 13 names need to be published so that people know who they are. I pray they all get clean & get right with God, because living for the devil is an exhausting life that only leads to one path HELL. God please be with the families of all these folks that are involved, especially Leann Frazier’s family. And the innocent families that are kin to these 13 people that just plain refused to help, & those that actually murdered her. God Bless you all & R.I.P. LeAnn Frazier.

    • FedUp

      13 cowards stood by while this woman was brutally murdered. What a fine group of…..worthless pieces of s**t.

  • soonerfan

    Why did he run if he is innocent. He is either in on it knows who all is in on it. Ran like a dog. He knows somethimg.

  • Carlton

    Ya know what I think is as almost as some young girl loosing her life? The spped at which this guys family is turning on him. Sure if he did what they say he did that makes him a horrible person but sounds like these “family” members already have a roap strung for him. If he was as bad as yo u claim why was he still roaming around free to do these things? Whoah to those who cast stones.….

  • home town guy

    LOL @ the two girls who said they were related and talked bad bout this guy. I know all of you personally and you 2 have no room to talk down on druggies or drug dealers. Both of you could have been in that girls shoes. Hippocrits the both of ya. Shame. And if there was any of the 13 that didn’t want that girl dead she would still be alive. They are all to blame and should all be treated the same.

    • DavenportPrincess

      Ahhh your intelligence level is showing through. I assure you, you have no idea of who I am. If you did you would know how absurd your comment is. I am not now nor have I ever been a druggie, never so much as had a ticket. As for why this guy was still allowed to roam the streets??? That is a question for the justice system because they have had many many chances to take him off the streets and failed. All I can say is when you meet the devil you don’t forget him. I too have distanced myself from him and his family. It is not the last encounter that family will have with law enforcement and that is a given. Maybe, they will get them off the streets one by one. As far as your comment about us feeling shame well I feel no shame in stating a fact. If they gave him the MAX it would not be enough to punish him for all his wrongdoings. You should be ashamed for trying slander good people names when you have no idea what your talking about. Obviously, you do not know Lewis Anthony Hedges, WE DO and all I can say is I hope he gets what he deserves. I bet you would feel differently if your little girl had been one of his victims, or if you your sister was one of his beaten bloody girlfriends. Yes, you sir have no idea what your talking about!

  • secret

    Ha ha ha home town guy u obviously don’t no who i am i neither am or ever been a druggie and i have not seen him in years bc i distanced my self from him bc of who he is….so call me a hypocrite or watever but u do not no me I’m not ashamed of who i am i work and take care of my children and nothing else as for the other female family member on her i do not no who she is but if either of yall wiuld like to contact can show.u who i am email i no I’m a good person so I’m not scared of ur mouth and i just stated facts about him and he has never personally victimized me bc i wouldn’t allow it so y no one else pressed charges is beyond my wildest dreans bbut i agree he shouldn’t of been aloud to be on the streets but there was nothing i could thank you very muchand I’m aloud to speak the truth

  • Mark Smith

    Live by the Pipe, the straw; the needle, the pills die by them. Who believes it is safe to be involved with 14 druggies? Only an addict that chooses the drug over common sense. She had a role in her own death.


    Can I simply just say what a comfort to find somebody who actually understands what they’re discussing on the
    net. You certainly know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    More and more people really need to read this and
    understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular because you surely have the gift.

    • Mark Smith

      Thank you CavPremium Reviews. I try. I’m often disheartened by the level of ignorance and disinterest in bettering oneself through education in the State. Without this, babies will continue to have babies, tragedies will result and the wrong people will be blamed.

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