VIDEO: Depressed Goat Ends Hunger Strike, Is Reunited With Friend

Photo courtesy: WTVR

Photo courtesy: WTVR

A California goat named Mr. G became depressed and refused to eat when separated from a female donkey that he’d lived with for a number of years, according to affiliate station WTVR.

The donkey’s name is Jelly Bean.

The two were discovered living together in an animal hoarding case on the property of a woman that couldn’t take care of all her animals, according to affiliate station WTVR.

The goat and burro were taken to two different sanctuaries, and that’s what started the goat’s hunger strike, WTVR reported.

A volunteer then agreed to drive 14 hours to reunite the animals, and the goat’s hunger strike ended immediately upon seeing his friend. Watch the video below and see just how happy he was.

To read the full story on affiliate station’s website WTVR – Channel 6, click here.


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