Former Benton County Doctor Pleads Not Guilty To Taking Nude Patient Photos

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KTHV – Dr. Paul Becton, the Paragould OBGYN, accused of five (5) counts of voyeurism, appeared in court and entered a not guilty plea Friday, Scott Ellington, Prosecuting Attorney for the Second Judicial DIstrict of Arkansas said.

Becton appeared before Circuit Judge Brent Davis at the Greene County Courthouse, where he waived formal arraignment and entered a plea of not guilty. Davis set a pre-trial date of September 2 and scheduled jury trial for September 15 before Circuit Judge Barbara Halsey.

An Arkansas State Police investigation by Special Agent Mike Grimes revealed that Becton photographed a patient nude without her knowledge, consent or approval. Becton was arrested April 16 at the Fortune Inn in Newport, some 65 miles from Paragould, after Ellington authorized a warrant for the doctor’s arrest. He appeared before Judge Dan Stidham the next day and was released after posting a $500,000 bond.

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  • Get Real

    Sadly, anyone can accuse anyone else of nearly anything in the US. It is so easy for someone to make a false claim, and the judicial system automatically assumes the individual is guilty. The recent UA student accused of falsifying a sexual assault claim is a good example. If the accused’s name is published, so should that of the accuser. Ideally, neither should be smeared until after a trial/conviction. Let’s treat this individual as we would want to be treated, wait until all the facts are in and he has been tried by a jury of his peers.

  • Donnie Brun

    Dr. Becton is totally innocent. He is a wonderful person and would never do these things.

    He is 100% innocent.

  • Irrelevant

    That third paragraph is pretty bad for the doc…

    The other commenters need to get acclimated on HIPAA guidelines before posting innocence messages.

  • Angel

    Regardless of the charges I’d still trust dr beckton to do surgery on me. He was always respectful and professional with me. Until he confesses I’m standing by him.

  • Donnie Brun

    The vast majority of confessions are fake. The charged realizes that he might get 20 years, but confess and get 3 years+ probation.

    Once you take a plea bargain the deal sticks, even when it is later proven that the case was all based on lies.

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