Fort Smith Land Purchase To Bring 975 Jobs To Area

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ArcBest Corporation plans to add 975 jobs over the next seven years as part of a Fort Smith land purchase at Chaffee Crossing, the company announced Friday.

"I`m happy to announce that we are under contract to purchase 40 acres of land at the Chaffee Crossing location in Fort Smith for construction of a new corporate headquarters facility," ArcBest CEO Judy McReynolds said.

The corporation expects to break ground on the new headquarters this fall. A statement released by ArcBest places the total investment from the company, city and state at about $30 million for the 40-acre land purchase and the development of the headquarters.

The company plans to hire 975 workers by 2021.

The anticipated development is part of ArcBest's planned significant growth, as the company "has exceeded the capacity at its current Fort Smith general office at Old Greenwood Road," according to the statement.

The corporation has been leasing supplemental office space at a separate location since early 2012 to keep up with the growth.

Chaffee Crossing director Ivy Owen said he expects the official sale to take place in June.


  • Happy

    Bet the “old heads” are upset with this news….try to keep industry out and provide no activities other than baseball or softball for the kids has been their usual way of doing business. Glad to see this occur.

    • RegulationNation

      If it’s where I think it is this building will be hidden in the hills and behind the trees to make sure no “big buildings” are visible to the public which may take away from the look and feel of the 19th century.

    • Think For Yourself

      Its called GOOGLE you might try it sometime. Who knows you might actually start learning on your own.

    • ArcBest Supporter

      ArcBest is the new name for Arkansas Best Corporation which includes ABF freight and Datatronics. They are a logistics and freight company. Datatronics (now ArcBest Technologies) is their information technology department. If you’ve ever been in Fort Smith, it is now housed in the very large office building behind Target and Southside High School, but has also been a Fort Smith company for many years. They also drive the big green trucks with yellow lettering saying “ABF” on them, and offer U-pack moving services as well.

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