Kinslow to be Sworn in as Greenwood Mayor

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Greenwood Mayor-Elect Doug Kinslow will be sworn into office Friday (May 30) at 12.

This, after former Greenwood Mayor Del Gabbard stepped down back in January, citing his family, medical problems and the toll of the job.

Since his resignation, there have been three different acting mayors in the vacant spot.

However, after Friday's ceremony, Kinslow will take over as mayor.

"I’m just happy to be in this position," Kinslow said. "I’m excited about it, excited about working with the city council. I’ve been working with those guys for about seven years now on other issues. It’s just an exciting time and I’m excited to get started."

Kinslow said one project he's ready to get to work on is improving the city's roads.

"We have some issues with the streets and we need to try to get some overlaying done," Kinslow said. "The streets department does a great job of maintaining the streets on a daily basis, but we’ve not really put a major plan in place to do overlay and that sort of thing. I know we already have a grant with the highway department to overlay main streets, and I want to get that moving as soon as possible."

Another item on Kinslow's agenda is the city's water issues. Kinslow said a water commission could soon be put in place, which he says could be very beneficial for the city.

In addition, Kinslow will be the main driving force behind the city's growth.

"The mayor is going to have to manage the growth of the city," Greenwood Police Chief William Dawson said. "The city’s growing and as everyone knows, this election coming up in November, were going to look at annexation being on the ballot. So he’s going to have to manage the infrastructure of the city and make sure we can get the needed items out to the places that could be annexed."

Kinslow agreed with Dawson, and said the annexation is a very important issue that he will have to tackle during his tenure in office.

"I think it’s imperative that a city looks towards growth," Kinslow said. "We have to grow or you go in reverse. The biggest issue I think is trying to make sure that we go about it in the right way, that we communicate the problems that go along with annexation like the cost and all of that to citizens. I think it’s the right thing to do for the city."

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