Local Businesses Prepare For Thousands Of Walmart Shareholders And Associates This Week

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The annual Walmart Shareholder's meeting kicks off this week, and thousands of Walmart associates will be in Northwest Arkansas for the occasion.

Businesses owners on Dickson Street in Fayetteville said the visitors bring a big boost to the area.

Local bar manager Spencer Hastings said his bar, Mickey Finn's Irish Pub, will be packed with people from all over the world.

“We sell a ton of beer, a lot of Budweiser’s and a lot American beer,” Hastings said.

He said meeting people from all over the world is another bonus to the boost in revenue.

"It's interesting and we usually have to staff up a little bit, and you’re just busy all day,"  Hastings said, " And people want to ask you questions, and it's cool you get to see all different kinds of money."

Hastings said they keep a jar at Mickey's of different country's currencies that Walmart associates have given them over the years. He said people visiting love asking about life in Fayetteville, and talking about their experiences in their home countries.

“They’ll teach you the different drinking customs from their countries and everybody has a song, and by the end of it you kind of learn all the different countries songs and chants,” Hastings said.

Cole Stocking recently started a transit business in Fayetteville called Piggy Back. He said he and his colleagues are excited for what they hope to be a busy week of publicity for his business.

He said they have only been operating Thursday-Saturday, but they are going to be full time when the Walmart associates are in the area next week.

"We are going to run every day, all day, and once we figure out the events schedule we will be able to rock n' roll," Stocking said.

He said he will enjoy partnering with the bars and businesses on Dickson Street for what he hopes is a big boost in business.

“I hope so, that’s the plan, and to get a lot of exposure, to see a lot of people, to talk to a lot of people," Stocking said, "That’s what we love to do, we love to entertain, we love to boost business for these places, and we love talking to people so yeah it should be great.”

Last year there were more than 14,000 associates that visited Northwest Arkansas.

The shareholder's meeting will be Friday, May 6. It will be held at the Bud Walton Arena on the University of Arkansas Campus.


  • Response

    Oh joy—Walmart once again holding up traffic in NWA area, performing concerts that are no longer open to the public on state (public) property… They also contract much of the catering, so the boom to the economy isn’t what we would hope or expect.

    How can exploiting university campus resources be good PR?

    • FedUp

      14,000 visitors are coming to Fayetteville, having a good time and spending a lot of money and you are complaining?? Take your complaint to the local business owners and see what they have to say. You did read the article, right?

      • Tom

        No complaints as long as the 14,000 leave and none decide to relocate. And as long as “progress” is contained within Washington and Benton counties, the Natural State will be better off.

      • Bob Gnarly

        It depends on which business owners you ask as to how they feel about this event. No doubt many hotel/motel owners will not feel good about the U.A. housing these people at cost.

        They’ll probably make most of their purchases at Walmart.

        Eateries will probably do well.

  • Tom

    Besides we basically have no international border as tens of thousands of uneducated, unskilled welfare cases pour in unabated. The drain on the taxpayer continues as America falls further into decline. The end is near, so enjoy what little freedom and peace of mind you have left.

    • Bob Gnarly

      Tom, Uncle Tom, Elaphas, Elaphas Maximus, tax, etc.

      While I agree that illegal immigration is hurting this country, a simple look at history shows that it is nothing new, It certainly did not start with this president, whom you love to blame for everything.

      In the 1980’s President Reagan pardoned the largest group of illegal immigrants in the history of this country.

      After the 9/11 attack one would think it would be very logical to seal all borders, at least temporarily, but no such effort was made and I don’t recall President Bush or any of the right-wing giving the concept much attention.

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