Student Fitness Festival Kicks Off Saturday

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Organizers for the Student Fitness Festival are prepping for Saturday's event. Alan Ley, director for Bike Bentonville, expects between 300 to 400 people to participate.

It will start at 9 a.m. at Lawrence Plaza in Bentonville.

There will be a bike and running relay, which is non-competitive.  There will be a walk and running relay for athletes with disabilities. The third activity are the bicycle drag races.

In the drag races, two people race each other for 100 yards to see who's the fastest. Participants can race anyone including adults.

"I think it will be a lot of fun," Ley said. "I’d like to see this continue so we can have some more of these nice, short, quick races in town, get everyone together and let the kids and adults kind of put themselves against each other."

"You really don’t have to be in fantastic shape to ride your bike 100 yards so it will be cool to see everybody do it,” Ley said.

All of the activities are divided into age groups. If participants don't have a bike or helmet, the Bentonville Public Schools will provide some.

"It's just about going out, having a good time and riding your bike," Ley said.

Kids will get medals, t-shirt and goodie bags. There will also be 28 vendors.

"They'll all have to giveaways for the kids," Ley said. "We're just trying to promote fitness, health, cycling and being active, that kind of lifestyle now that school is out."

Parking is available on the top level of the 21C Hotel parking garage.

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    The Bentonville Public Schools will provide bikes and helmets to burrow for participants who don’t have any.

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