Heavener Man In Critical Condition After Being Stabbed

A Heavener man is in critical condition in a Fort Smith hospital after a later night stabbing incident.

Officers were dispatched to a home on East First Street around 11:45 p.m. Thursday (May 29). When officers arrived on scene, they discovered a fight had taken place involving numerous people and two men had been stabbed, Chief Ty Armstrong said in a news release.

Charles Poynter Jr., 58, was treated and released from the hospital, according to Chief Armstrong. The other victim, Jerette Goforth, 24, was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he remains in ICU.

A number of eyewitnesses were taken to the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office to be interviewed. No arrests have been made at this time in connection to the stabbings.

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  • J

    Heavener used to be a nice town back in its day. It just sort of died off in the 80’s. The chicken plant pretty much finished her off. A lot of fond memories there of family and a very nice town.

    • xcrimsonxguardx

      So just for everyone to know,how did the chicken plant Finnish of this town?i would love to hear this logic.

    • Irrelevant


      It is, except with super duper plasma tipped knives!

      It’s like, totally gnarly, man…

    • Mark Smith

      Shawn, article says “stabbing incident” not stabbing fight. I guess you are a product of the 48th worst state in the union for Education and cannot accurately read. Crack a book.

  • Donnie Brun

    I am so sick of all these stabbings.

    People need to grow up, this is getting out of control.

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