UA Student Pleads Not Guilty To Faking Campus Sex Assault

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The University of Arkansas student accused of faking a sexual assault report pleaded not guilty Friday in Washington County.

Julia Garcia pleaded not guilty to filing a false police report and received a trial date of July 30 in Judge Mark Lindsay’s courtroom, according to the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

The suspect was arrested April 30 on suspicion of filing a false police report. She was released from the Washington County Detention Center without bond the same day, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman told police April 27 she was sexually assaulted in the Garland Avenue parking garage on the University of Arkansas campus. Officers immediately began searching for her alleged assailant, a 6-foot-tall man with a muscular build, according to the University of Arkansas Police Department.

Investigators used the video of the Garland Avenue parking garage from April 27 to determine Garcia’s report about being sexually assaulted there was false, according to a preliminary report released by UAPD.

After detectives approached Garcia about the video evidence, she recanted parts of her sexual assault report and admitted she lied about some aspects of the statement she gave police, according to the preliminary report.

Garcia told police she was attacked from behind about 8:30 p.m. in the parking garage by a man wearing a black ski mask and a long-sleeved black t-shirt, according to a campus safety notification issued April 28.

The suspect allegedly forced the woman against a rail between the first and second levels of the garage in the west stairwell, the notification states. Garcia also said the man was wearing dark blue jeans and brown work boots, police said.

Garcia told officers she kicked her assailant and escaped, according to the notification.

Garcia is listed as a freshman on the UA’s online directory. She is also listed as a UA student on her Facebook profile.


    • Sean

      I do her too.

      I wish she was penalized the same with which she (allegedly) falsely accused though.


    released without bond on a felony? how do you get out of jail on felony charges without posting any bond? wow what a disgustingly prejudicial perverted judicial system we have here in washington county

    • Response

      She was released because it served no benefit for the state to lock up one more stupid, non-violent criminal. It would have actually cost the state money.

      She made a truly dumb mistake as a university freshman. She also likely faces dicliplinary proceedings with the university, guys won’t get within 50 yards of this chick, and her face has been plastered all over the news… Add to that, the fact that she probably has little, if any money.

      This event might keep the same mistake from happening again for a long, long time…

    • Mark Smith

      Be Careful “That’s funny.” You’re exposing your anti social tendencies that have already landed you in jail. You really can’t admit to yourself that what u did was wrong can you? Instead you want to point out how “unfair” it is that this troubled, non-violent, accused girl is getting out of jail when you didn’t. My gosh, you belong in jail or in a therapists office for years.

  • Donnie Brun

    If no cameras were in the area, the cops would have already arrested someone in this fake crime.

    This poor child clearly needs help and I hope she get the counseling that she clearly needs.

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