Couple Responds After City Pays Out $25K For Sewage Damage To Their Home

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City leaders on Tuesday night voted to pay out more than $25,000 to a Fayetteville couple whose basement was flooded by a city sewer line.

The city’s sewer water flowed into the basement of Stephen and Bonnie Turner on April 5 after the sewer main backed up because of blockage. The blockage was caused by roots in the sewer main on Hillcrest Avenue, where the couple lives.

"I was upstairs and I heard water rushing downstairs and I did not know what the heck was going on," said Stephen Turner. "When I got downstairs, I saw sewage just bursting out of my toilet and my shower."

Bonnie Turner contacted the city about the wastewater issue after the incident and later reached a settlement.

The City Council voted unanimously 7-0 at its regular meeting Tuesday night to approve the settlement amount of $25,552.15 reached with the Turners for damage done to their home.

"I'm very happy the city did what they did," said Bonnie Turner. "It was actually pretty emotional, because we were in a real pickle. To know that they were true to their word that they would make things right, meant everything to us. We love Fayetteville, and that's why we love Fayetteville."

The couple said it will be about four months before their basement is completely repaired. They said it's a life time event, they will never forget.

"Life happens, and well things happen to you," Bonnie Turner said.

"I learned a lot about the process," Stephen Turner said. "I never really considered an event like this happening before."

The Turners said they put in back flow protection to ensure something like this does not happen again. That came at a price tag of $4,500, which was not paid for by the city.


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  • Ron Snider

    98% of the time the municipality will not pay for sewer backups and legally they don’t have to.

    Mr. And Mrs. Turner should consider themselves very lucky.

    At least the city did the right thing for once.

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