Protesters From Around The Country Arriving In Bentonville

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Walmart strikers from around the country will arrive in Bentonville to protest at the annual Walmart Shareholders Meeting on Friday (June 6), according to a report from Bloomberg Business Week. 

The protesters come from a group called Walmart Moms, and they’ll be protesting higher wages for women. The average hourly wage for saleswomen is now $10.58, according to the report.

“The union-supported group is asking for $25,000 a year for full-time work,” the report states.

The $25,000 annual salary amounts to $12.25 an hour, according to the report.





  • Arkansans for Justice

    The highest paid worker at a company should never make more than 25 times the lowers paid worker. If the highest paid worker makes 1 million a year, the lowest would make 40k.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      I can agree that the exorbitant salaries of the high officials is disgusting and unmerited. It doesn’t however justify increasing all the other lower echelon workers pay. don’t you remember your mommie telling you that two wrongs don’t make a right? I’d advise against you trying to run your own business. Save yourself the eminent failure.

  • n/a

    I watched the Wal-Mart documentary on Netflix. I’m not saying you should believe everything you read or see on the internet but honestly that documentary made me sick and I will never work for them……

  • Just saying....

    Walmart must be a dangerous place to work at. With all of those falling prices there, someone’s bound to get hurt!!!

    Seriously though. People complain about the wages, but when one goes to a store, you’ll find employees who will work there. Those people believe that it’s a good place to work, else they would not have applied, right?

  • Ron Snider

    I worked for wal mart for 11 years in the stores as various positions such as deli associate, cashier, photo lab, etc.

    I was late 3 times and missed 2 days in 11 years and had never once been in trouble. I quit in 2012 and I was only making $10.25.

    I seriously doubt the real average of any department inside a wal mart store is more than $8.75-$9.25 hr.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      You sound like you were a good employee. Just curious, but do you or did have any special skills,training or education that make you more valuable to your employer or potential employer?

  • Marie Smith

    So you people would be happy if Walmart starts closing stores or laying off people so that they can pay increased wages to a few? Look around the country at the damage done to business from these Union groups.
    Walmart is Not a High Tech, or a dangerous job. It is a Discount Store Chain. Based on Keeping Prices Low.

  • Marie Smith

    I see several ‘Hiring’ signs all over the area. If you don’t like working for Walmart and you are ‘worth more’ Go work somewhere else.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      That’s why we need all these illegals you know. To take the jobs that ‘mericans don’t want. As long as the gubbamint keeps these folks on the teet we will continue to have problems. Term limits at the federal level is the answer.

      • Gurrionsillo

        They will not hire illegals, Believe me, they ask for all the documents they need to hire you, if you dont have them you will not work for them… Just think before you open your Mouth..

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