New Van Buren Police Station Construction On Schedule

Construction for the new Van Buren Police Department headquarters is on schedule.

“They have poured the concrete, dirt work is not totally completed but for the work site its done,”said Mayor Bob Freeman

Van Buren Police Chief Kenneth Bell said the location is on a main highway, so it will be visible to thousands of people.
The new building on Highway 59 will house the training room, all officers, administers, and detectives. “Can`t get done fast enough,” said Bell.

Construction started on this $3.6 million facility in March 2014 after a one – cent sales tax increase was passed.

Bell said the current police station is cramped and out of space.

“It served its purpose, but that purpose was completed a long time ago,” said Freemen.

Bell said the facility will show Van Buren is a progressive community.

“It helps economic development also by having a new police department,” said Bell.

The police station will be finished in February 2015.


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