Police: Woman Attacks Man With Pizza

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Jesse Wade

A Fayetteville wife and husband were arrested Wednesday (June 4) after she attacked him with a pizza, and he punched her, according to court documents.

Police were called to a residence on South Van Hoose Drive in response to a possible domestic battery case, court documents state.

The caller, Christifer Wade, 39, reported that he was fighting with his wife Jesse Wade, 29. Jessie attacked Christifer with a pizza by throwing it on him and then attacking him some more, Christifer told police. Jesse said Christifer punched her in the face, and he didn’t deny it, according to court documents.

Police said they observed a large swollen black eye on Jesse and several large scratches on Christifer’s back, chest and stomach, court documents state.

Neighbors interviewed by authorities said they saw Jesse chasing Christifer while he was speaking on the phone, according to court documents.

Both complained about their injuries and were taken to a hospital by ambulance. The severity of their injuries is unknown, court documents state.

Their 6-year-old son was present during the incident, and both parents were drunk, so both face a charge of endangering the welfare of a minor, according to court documents.

Christifer also faces a charge of third degree domestic battery. Jesse faces charges of aggravated assault and third-degree domestic battery, court documents state.

Christifer and Jesse were booked into the Washington County Detention Center, and the child was placed into the custody of Arkansas Department of Human Services, according to court documents.

Bond has been set at $2,760 for Christifer, and no bond has been set for Jesse, according to the Washington County Detention Center intake report.

Chris Wade

Christifer Wade


  • Jcar

    Stupid White Trash! Teaching the Kid to be Stupid White Trash!! The Kid deserves so much better!!!

    • Tom

      And you are either a White liberal riddled with guilt, an illegal from south of the border, a foreigner from TX or CA, an angry Black man, or just another Internet message board fool.

    • Tammy

      you shouldn’t judge other people but pray for them and child’s place is with the mother and father..Are you a part of the solution or problem

  • Ron Snider

    This drunk fight over a $5.00 pizza just cost them $4000.

    Now both names are ruined and neither will ever get a job caring for residents in a nursing home, or hospitals.

    So stupid. This has ruined their lives, unless they are trailer trash and on disability, if so, then they can do drugs, DWI, violence, shop lift, etc and no loss of disability check. Workers at jobs that pay the taxes that fund disability are fired for the same offenses.


  • Sarah 1

    Why was the wife charged with aggravated assault? Was the pizza hot?
    I cannot equate a pizza thrown to a punch in the face? Either way, everyone settle down and stop drinking and get along.
    So glad no firearms were mentioned.

    • Tom

      Actually I’m glad firearms weren’t mentioned either because we would’ve had to endure another one of your idiotic rants about gun control using false propaganda you dug up from MSNBC or Huffington.

      • Sarah 1

        Sorry to disappoint but I have never watched MSNBC. I have read Huffington. T

        I guess you still have your weapons? Popular president hasn’t taken them away like you said he would? Don’t worry I am still writing letters to him to have background and medication checks before gun purchase.

    • Betsy Jusola

      She attacked him, he had scratch’s all over him from her. I wonder if the pizza was hot lol. I don’t understand why she didn’t get any bail and he did.

    • Flight Nurse

      Sarah 1: The report says, in Para 4, that he had scratches to his chest, belly and back and he was also seen being chased by the woman as he tried to make a phone call.

      • Get Real

        Flight Nurse, please do not confuse Sarah1 with facts. As with most liberals, she has trouble dealing with any truth that doesn’t fit her narrow views.

      • Sarah 1

        @Get Reak: Narrow views? Methinks you should apply that to your forehead. Narrow minded? Not me, I am liberal and accepting of all the little children of the world and their choices, as long as they don’t hurt other people. No man hits a woman for ANY reason.

        Tom Cotton: Congressman Cotton was one of only a few members of Congress to vote against every version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). In Arkansas, Mr. Cotton was the only member of the state’s congressional delegation to oppose not only the inclusive, bipartisan version of VAWA that passed into law, but even the much weaker substitute Republican proposal. His irresponsible votes against any form of VAWA sets him apart from the vast majority of Arkansans, and places him well outside the mainstream in the Republican Party when it comes to protecting women from domestic violence.


  • bobreal

    Sad; Mr. Wade, and I use that lightly he should of turned around an walked off. Teaching Your son it is OK to strike a lady is STUPID. I hope he gets at least 6months in lockup to Grow Up.

  • Ishmail Dentor

    Come on!!! A pizza? My long gone ex-wife once threw a hamburger at me while I was driving. I didn’t feel the need to show how big a man I was by punching her. Did you get the above, EX-WIFE? No real man needs to punch a woman, walk away.

  • Sharon

    Everyone asking why she was arrested over pizza…doesn’t sound like it was just pizza if he has “several large scratches on Christifer’s back, chest and stomach” .

    Sounds like a good call to me.

    No I am not saying he was ok to hit her but i wasn’t there and don’t know why he didn’t think he could just restrain her. Abuse happens to men too!

  • Anon

    i know them both, they are both idiots, the father is a drug addict/alcoholic and abuses her on a weekly basis and has sent her to jail before to try to keep her from her child. he keeps “getting off” because he knows people this is at least the third time he has domestically abused her and hasnt served time. she is just sick of it and fought back i dont blame her, but the child should of been in DHS 3 years ago. they are not capable parents in the least.

    • Sarah 1

      Thank you for the information Anon. For the sake of the children, if you see him abuse her again, please notify the police. You might save a life.

    • Sallyysuee


      I too know Chris and Jesse. Known him his entire life. Jesse has issues she is an unfit mother who was on probation for leaving their child in a hot car. The incidents you speak off is due to her being abusibe. Chris is a good father and loves his son. There is a reason why bonbons is set for Jessee.

      Get your facts straight.

  • soonerfan

    Don’t matter who hit who drinking and fighting in front of the Child is wrong. The Child deserves Better. No Child should have to see this.

  • ron

    if she attacked him first thing is try to walk away if that dont work gotta use force use it its called protecting your self no the child should not have seen this but if a girl pulls a gun on you do u get shot or to u try to shoot her?? at some point there is a line and the reson she didint get bond is because she started it he went to far but he gets out because he didint start it…

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