Push Being Made for Domestic Violence Registry

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Courtesy: THV11

An Arkansas woman, and victim of domestic violence, is asking lawmakers to help create a registry for domestic violence offenders.

Two years ago, Laura Webb’s husband backed his car into her, then ran over her again as he left the scene of the crime.

Now, Webb is pushing for lawmakers to create a state-run domestic violence registry. Similar to a sex-offender registry, people would be able to search a database of individuals convicted of domestic violence.

The push has received support from Representative Charlotte Douglas, who is hoping to draft a bill in the coming months.

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  • M.B.frankly

    I agree 100% that there should be a registry for convicted domestic offenders. Speaking strictly from my pov- It would be very helpful as a father of two daughters to have a tool like this available to civilians. A few months ago my daughter brought this man with her for a visit. He is several years older than her, well spoken, well dressed, comes from a local very affluent family. The age gap alone troubled me so I contacted a local p.i. and got a background check that cost over 125.00. Turns out he was convicted of domestic battery, and has been in trouble with the law most of his life. You can never judge a person by their vocabulary or wardrobe. If I had not checked into this clown my daughter would have moved in with him and possibly shared the same fate of his last wife.

  • objectivefodder

    We’re all being marked. Every father should sit their sons down before the age of accountability explaining to them that once you’re marked, you’ll be treated differently by everyone in society if you offend or violate state and federal laws. Not only will you be ineligible for certain types of employment, but you’ll be selected over by women seeking courtship and marriage. Talk about an outcast of misfits and losers. Sadly, as a male, I’m mixed on this legislation, but I see both sides and if I were a father of a daughter, I’d likely be supportive. The Neanderthal feudalistic lower classes uneducated males brought this upon themselves. Bring a male into society and groom him improperly and you get an automatic caste system by default. Parents make or break children. Welcome to the matrix.

  • Tom

    Let’s just put everybody on a registry. DUI registry, shoplifting registry, hot check registry, speeding ticket registry, seat belt violation registry, concealed carry registry, heart attack registry, stroke registry, cancer registry, chevrolet registry, ford registry, and on and on… Oh yeah, and a registry of liberals so we know who to come after when the country finally collapses due to all these registries.

    • Reese Dumas

      I agree with Tom. That is ridiculous. But,@ Objective fodder, its not only as you call it”uneducated lower class” people who commit crimes. I didn’t finish High School and I come from a lower class family. But, I’ve never committed DV or any other Felony or misdemeanor crimes. I got my GED and working on getting into FSPD, and do ride alongs with same mentioned agency. Oh FYI: you stuck up, “educated” people have done the same if not worse: Embezzlement, stock and securities fraud, etc. And I’m also a parent of a teenage boy. For 1: Yes I’ve explained to him that either you can do the right thing or the wrong thing. That’s his choice tobreak rules and be held accountable for his actions , NOT ME. Atthe end of the day he has a mind just like you and I sir, so you ccan’t always blame the parents.

  • M.B.frankly

    There will be plenty of women on the list. This
    isn’t divided by sexes. Violence is universal. If you have been convicted of abuse on your partner or spouse you forgo your right to anonymity. It shouldn’t cost money to find out if the person you are hirring is violent.

  • objectivefodder

    Tom, you forgot to “add” the Conservative Christian registry. Oh, and to be fair and unbiased, I’d include the “Sinner” registry for those of us who don’t subscribe to “organized religion” controlling our moral behavior. The Arkansas Churches descriminate if you’re not “one of them”, so let’s be fair and balanced, shall we? Expatriation is an option for some of us. You guys can work your problems out in your re-education camps while sipping the tainted laced Kool-Aid sedative. American males are on the decline (by design), so enjoy the Matriarchal hedonistic Eutopian future, or should I say “Dystopian” future”. Touché.

  • Justice

    I think there needs to be a cheating spouse registry for sure. That would maybe even minimize the count on the domestic battery registry for those lowlifes who choose to beat up on females. Plus, I’d like to know if a woman has a history of unfaithfulness before I go on a single date with her!

  • Richard S. Drake

    So much anger on display here – and so much from folks who lack the integrity to use their real names!
    What does ABORTION or infidelity have to do with a domestic abuse registry?
    So much inability to deal with the actual issue here – the victimizarion of
    women at the hands at men who beat them simply because they can.
    Yeah . . . let’s all have a rally in support of those whose rights are curtailed by a domestic abuse registry. Maybe we can all carry guns.

  • Susan Brodie

    I agree about the domestic violence registry, but only for people who have hit their spouse or child or killed a spouse or child. People need to learn that it is not acceptable to ever hit anyone unless in self defense. Judges should order the person to domestic violence classes or counseling to find out why they do this, & to change their way of thinking about others. Men need to realize that women are not property to just abuse, & women need to realize that men are not just an open wallet to use, people need to treat others with respect, & if you don’t love someone you don’t need to be together.

  • X

    These comments sound like they’re coming from a bunch of men who probably would be on that registry.

  • bob

    In arkansas women can beat your a** u call the cops of she calls the cops your going to jail. Hell if the cops walk in and a womans beating u they will join the fight f***ing scum bag cops. And then u will get hit with $2000 in fines and have to take a years worth of classes as well.

    X sounds like a victim to abuse which u probly deseverd it. and most guys in there right mind don’t beat the females for no reson the females provoke it by Cheating, B****ing, humiliating, Fighting Ect. which if they put there selfs in a mans shoe then she deservers to get a beating.

    And some one said there will be females on this list lol i bet u money there wont be females will be imune to such a list.

  • Deez

    I love my wife very much an never laid a hand on any of just got other things to worry about besides making people register cus it’s someone new everyday and it’s male and female

  • someone

    The world is a violent place. Making new laws will do nothing to stop this. And it’s getting worse. It is what it is, and there’s nothing State or Governments can do to stop it. These abuses are the norm in places like India as anyone should know from watching the news, plus the 200 hundred girls kidnapped in Africa, etc, etc.

    This is what happens when America turns it’s back on God! The schools fail, the governments fail, society fails. Yet people want to pass new laws that will do nothing. The people (men & women) committing these crimes aren’t going to stop because of a new law.

    Happy trails.

  • Denise Smith

    We definitely need a domestic violence registry and crack down harderon these offenders instead of giving them a little jail time or probation. I recently went through domestic violence and I was severely abused and I almost lost my life. It makes me very upset over things like this. The registry would protect people in the future so its time we take a stand

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