Rogers Police Release AMP Traffic Map

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The Rogers Police Department has released a traffic flow map for vehicles leaving after the first concert at the Arkansas Music Pavilion, according to a post on their Facebook page.

Blake Shelton will be the featured performance at a grand opening community concert on Saturday (June 7).

The Rogers Police Department reminds concert attendees of the following:

  • Traffic leaving from the General Parking area on JB Hunt Drive will only be allowed to go south to Pauline Whitaker Parkway. Once they reach Pauline Whitaker Parkway traffic may flow either west towards Pinnacle Hills Parkway or east towards I-49.
  • Pass parking and Handicap parking on Northgate (north of AMP) will exit northbound on Northgate Road and merge onto Pinnacle Hills Parkway.
  • No left turns onto Pinnacle Hills Parkway will be allowed. All traffic must turn right.
  • Pinnacle Hills Parkway will be reduced to one lane as it approaches Northgate Road so traffic from Northgate may merge into traffic.
  • If the Overflow Parking near the Roundabout is used, they will exit to the south, drive around the Roundabout and continue on Pauline Whitaker Parkway Drive
  • Pay special attention while negotiating the Roundabout. Many people are unfamiliar with how they work. Follow the instructions on the street signs.
  • Rogers Police Officers will be manually controlling the traffic lights in an effort to keep traffic flowing smoothly.
  • Don’t get in a hurry. Be prepared to wait.

Traffic Map