Wakarusa Draws Big Crowds

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Thousands of people are still gathered in Franklin County for Wakarusa.

Attendees of the major music festival said that the congestion isn't stopping them from having a good time at Mulberry Mountain.

Every bright color  imaginable swirled around in tie-dye shirts, costumes, and banners.

"The fact that I’m here with all these beautiful people, and this beautiful mountain,” Princess Bryurn said.

The costumes are crazy.

"I’m trying to go for a ninja, slash rogue outfit,” Jonathon Taller said.

A large majority of the people attending Wakarusa seemingly worship this event, especially the music.

"[We are] listening to beautiful music" Bryurn said.

Last year a major storm came through Ozark during Wakarusa. According to event coordinators, Wakarusa doesn’t have any plans for specific shelter if severe weather slams.

"Last year it was really bad weather, and we had to sit in the truck,” Cassie Crews said. “It rocked it really bad, blew tons of people's tents away."

“I'll probably be in my car hiding, hoping that it passes,” Taller said. “If it doesn't, I’m going to wish myself a happy near year and say goodbye."

The price to attend Wakarusa isn’t cheap. People attending the event said it takes hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Meganne Creelia said she spent 300 dollars on the event.

Others spent much more.

"200 dollars in gas, and $250 for the ticket,” Taller said. “And, another for the camping pass. So, what's the grand total? I mean, I’m not very good at math. But, about $700."

Taller’s budget for Wakarusa was pocket change for some.

“Three to four thousand dollars,” Pebble Dolan said. “We plan for it for a whole year. As soon as you leave, that's when you start planning."

Is Wakarusa really worth all the money?

“All worth it. Oh my God, look at this,” Taller said. “It's beautiful. We got tents. We got a satellite stage. We got music. We got beautiful people, and they're everywhere."

The festival runs through Sunday.

Arkansas State Police are also in town monitoring the increased traffic. Highway 23 is expected to be congested while the festival is going on.


  • protect me uncle sam

    And let the police profiling begin…. Poor unaware people with Colorado tags on their car better look out. The united police state of arkansas will persecute you to your grave for smoking a joint

  • krista


  • Arkansans for Justice

    These people don’t realize that when passing through Benton County, they had better take the back roads! Looks like our Benton Counth Sheriff is having a field day with these dope haulers! Keep the LSD and Cocaine up North!

  • Happy

    I wish the atendees well and have a great time, but it is just not my kind of music…different strokes for different folks.


    i went to waka this year and worked as stage crew, these people just want somewhere to go and hang out get a little crazy and “out there” and meet new friends from all over the country and listen to music.. now is that so hard to ask?? When i was there i saw NO fights break out and everyone is so nice to each other. The music is what brings us all together and and that’s one thing we all have love for!! OHH and BassNectar was going soo hard and the bass was so heavy it took some of the bolts outta the barricade, best show ever!!

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