Walmart Associates Pack Food For NWA Charity

All 14,000 Walmart associates and shareholders were at Arvest Ballpark Thursday night for two reasons: to enjoy a classic American past time, and to pack 10,000 bags for hungry kids.

Associates from countries across the globe packed snacks and food items to give to the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers. The center will give the bags to 95 schools in Northwest Arkansas, to distribute to 6500 kids this summer.

Shareholders began arriving in Northwest Arkansas Sunday, spending the week experiencing the culture of our country and our area.

Johan Baer has been to the shareholder’s meeting before, but he said every year has been fun.

“The schedule is the same, the events are about the same, but the fact that we have new people coming every year…that’s the fun of it, that’s really what the difference is, it’s really exciting to meet a lot of new people every year,” Baer said.

Other associates were visiting Northwest Arkansas for the first time.

One associate from Ohio said they enjoyed helping out a local charity.

“We’ve made brand new lasting friendship, and the exciting part was the Fight for Hunger, and how they help the community and the hungry kids…that really is exciting,” the associate said.

A group from Fort Worth Texas wanted the community to know how welcome they felt in Bentonville and Fayetteville.

“Thanks for having us,” They said, “Walmart has been great, and it has just been fabulous, everyone has been so nice and it’s been a lot of fun…we can’t wait to come back.”

The Walmart Shareholder’s week wraps up Friday at 7 a.m. with the shareholder’s meeting in Bud Walton Arena.


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