Common Core Standards Repealed In Oklahoma

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Photo courtesy of affiliate station KFOR.

Common Core standards have been repealed in Oklahoma thanks to a bill signed by Gov. Mary Fallin, according to a report from CBS News.

Fallin said the federal governments’s attempt to influence state education policy was reason enough to abolish the math and English guidelines that were scheduled to take effect within the upcoming school year, according to CBS News.

The bill passed overwhelmingly in the Oklahoma House and Senate on the final day of the 2014 legislature, CBS News reported.

It requires the state to return to old standards in place before 2010 and directs that new ones be developed by the year 2016, according to CBS News.

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    • Laughing at sooners

      Here’s proof that Oklahoma doesn’t have standards.

      When I think of your average Oklahoman, i set the bar really low. I mean, REALLY REALLY LOW. At least I can say that they are consistent.

      They are consistent at not even meeting my expectations, that is…

  • Ted

    “Fallin said the federal governments’s attempt to influence state education policy was reason enough to abolish the math and English guidelines …”

    Lol, seriously? Where was the outrage with the Bush II NCLB federal oversights? Thank you Oklahoma for admitting the only thing your kids will ever be competitive at is football.

    • Trish B.

      What? To change back to the previous system will cost between one hundred million and one hundred twenty five million payable by the taxpayers. Were the people aware of the costs?

      Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed into law on Tuesday a measure that would ban cities in her state from increasing their minimum wages above the state’s. It’s been hailed as a move to protect jobs, but the evidence that it will actually do so is heavily disputed.

      No Affordable Health Care either. Boo. Hiss.

      • Ted

        Lol, Oklahomans are perfectly fine being ignorant and in misery as long as they can stick it to the (black) man. In the last 3 presidential elections every single county in the state has voted Republican…not even Utah can claim that.

      • X

        Yea Trish even her own people hate her. Who doesn’t want to get paid more money? Looks like a typical conservative politician protecting big business. I wonder how many single mothers or anybody for that matter her ban on minimum wage affected. People own a McDonalds can bring in millions easy every year while paying their employees mininium wage. Raising their pay is not going hurt these owners lives one bit, but at the same time leave these people making minimum wage have to choose between paying their utility bills or buying groceries. Nice job Fallin on running a dictatorship. Way to stick to the liberal president by punishing your own people. I’m just glad we don’t have you as a governor and I’m pretty sure people of Oklahoma won’t have you as a governor for very much longer either.

    • Get Real

      What kind of idiot thinks the federal government can do anything well? From Social Security, Medicare, education, energy, border security, VA, and the list goes on and on, government management and control is a disaster riddled with corruption and incompetence. Despite the government-control loving liberals whining and moaning about it, OK has done what they believe is in the best interest of their citizens. A far cry from the central agenda of the current federal government.

      • Reality

        We’ll, NASA was pretty good at putting people in space and look at what conservatives in Congress did. They defunded it!

        Now, we have to rely on RUSSIANS to get an astronaut into space…

      • Trish B.

        Our federal government is the best in the world. I would put it up against any other countries. True there are some greedy, dishonest people running certain departments or in office, but that is true in any large group of people.
        And GetReak you are welcome to move to any country you think is better than the USA.
        Maybe change the websites you are viewing and television programs you are watching to sites that can be SUED for slander and libel if they are incorrect. Just try truth rather than opinion, commentary and entertainment that pretends to be news.

  • Rather not say

    I’m glad that she repealed it. Have any of you look at the common core for math? As a parent, I find it ridiculous! I’m still dumbfounded how they even come up with the answers. There is nothing wrong with myself from what I learned in school from the old standards. She may have failed on other “subjects” but her repealing this… I completely agree with.

  • Kevin

    Why do people always think math and science are so vitally important. If you don’t pursue a career in them whats the point. Most kids need what I call “Life skills” such as how to read and navigate with a map, basic troubleshooting skills, home maintenance skills, car maintenance skills, how to use hand tools. Most kids can’t even hold certain tools the right way. Before we find a planet that we cant use billions of light years a way or spend years coming up with a scientific name for some strange bug lets learn how to LIVE.

  • Trish B.

    Math and science are extremely important.

    Growing a garden, many scientific principles are employed. Learning hands on skills you are referring to: a person needs to know about oil and gas mixtures, electricity and how it works, clean air and how important it is to our lungs, the trees, the garden, and our environment, water and how we are affected without plentiful supplies and how to keep it pollution free. That is all science and there is so much more.

    Math skills are for every single person. Calculating a budget to live on, whether you can make a car payment, buy groceries to feed your family, make your rent on time, put gas in your car, or plan for retirement are all necessary math skills.

    You commented before thinking.

  • Kevin

    Knowing the principles of something is way different then being able to do it. You can know how electrons flow and all that BS all day long but being able to run a wire from a breaker box and wire up an outlet in the wall is a whole different thing. You can also learn all about photosynthesis and respiration and all that BS won’t help when you’re standing in a field with your garden tools. You can learn about internal combustion engines and all that BS but when your car breaks down when its 100 degrees it won’t help. The principles don’t help trish learning to do it helps. Also I’m not sure I want the government making standards to teach my kids to budget. lol! just saying. You read to many books and liberal teachings before you commented Trish!

    • Sarah 1

      You typed a lot Kevin but you have no cohesive sentences. Missed English class as well?

      Electrons flowing is not BS. Science and math are used to create the machine I am typing on, as well as all the technology of the internet machines, therefore those two subjects are of great importance.

  • Ben

    Here’s a math problem: 5 terrorists are in prison.. 1 traitor is living with terrorists. How many terrorists does it take to bring the traitor back to the USA?

    answer: just 1.. Barrack Hussein Obama

    • Sarah 1

      Sorry Ben. You have been bent over. Sadly Bergdahl was caged, beaten and tortured. Feel better now?

      Please don’t throw our soldiers under the bus. Get the real facts first. The media firestorm is horrific. An indictment of a soldier’s credentials without due process is vitriolic and sickening.

      • Sarah 1 as well as many other sources you probably have never accessed.

        Or simply change your tv channels to stations who can be sued if they tell lie. Or newspapers who can be sued as well. Stations and newspapers who cannot be sued are listed as ‘entertainment’ to skirt the real truth.

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