Misfired Artillery Shell Damages Man’s Home

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A Franklin County man has a large hole in his wall and other damage to his property,  after an artillery shell from Fort Chaffee hits his community.

"Then all of a sudden there was a tremendously loud boom," said neighbor Susan Strobel.

People in Charleston who live close to Fort Chaffee are use to hearing explosions.

"I just assumed that they got some type of new weapon they were trying out," said Strobel.

But this was the first time Bryan Martin had damage in his own backyard. " I had a lot of damage to the roofs, to the siding, and holes and you could stick your fist into the brick", said Bryan Martin.

According to Major Matt Snead with the Arkansas National Guard, an artillery shell was fired and hit east of Rattlesnake Canyon Road in Franklin County.

"The damage could have been lives," said Martin.

According to Martin, around 3:00 p.m. on Thursday (June 5), the shell landed on his property and then exploded.

"We didn't know what happened. We thought it looked like somebody came through with a bulldozer," said Martin.

According to Snead, a Missouri Army National Guard field artillery unit was conducting a live fire training exercise at Fort Chaffee.

"We support the army and the military. We have to do what we have to do," said Strobel.

In a statement, Fort Chaffee Commander Col. Ron Brazell released said "I am relieved no one was injured." His statement also said "here at Fort Chaffee, safety is at the core of everything we do; as Arkansans who live and work in the surrounding communities, we are very passionate about ensuring this type of incident never happens again."

According to Snead, after the incident the Missouri Unit ordered to halt training.

Martin said investigators from the Arkansas National Guard will survey the damage to his property. According to Snead, the investigation into the incident is ongoing.


  • mrmakeitworse

    If I lived there and my kids got hurt! I would be rich or dead.
    Nobody hurts my family

    • I am Anon

      Oh my! I hope those soldiers don’t read this. They will probably be as scared as the rest of us. I guess you would live if they offered enough money.By the way, how much is that?

  • mark

    hey doesn’t it make you feel safe that the military conducts live round exercises like this?…lets see, any potential enemy is many thousands of miles away, but they are unable to keep track of live rounds hitting close by neighborhoods. go figure

    • D

      Yes it does make people feel better. perhaps it would be best if we don’t let them train then send them to war. I’m sure there are studies that state you can be an effective fighter and never train.

    • Aim

      The C-130 that circles the area is doing so because pilots require so many flight hours to maintain their certification. The Air Force isn’t wasting money they are keeping their pilots trained.

  • Ken

    Thank God no one got hurt. I imagine the soliders feel awful about the mistake. I’m sure heads will roll.

  • jim miesner

    Bad and dangerous situation. Stupid also. Get away from the perimeter, back up deeper in chaffee. They have thousands of acres , so it’s negligent to set up on the perimeter.

    • Aim

      There are only certain areas of Chaffee they can do live fire on. I don’t know if you have ever seen Chaffee but most of it is heavily wooded.

  • someone

    Did it say it landed in Franklin county? Heck that’s like 40 miles away, what were they aiming at the Wakarusa event? Trying to kill some hippies? lol

    Where did they think the live round would land? Some times I question the people in charge at Chaffee? The other day sounded like that c-130 was about to crash in to the house.

    • arngsol

      Ok I’m going to try and take a stab at What happened. I’m a fire direction controller for the national guard, we calculate the firing solutions for howitzers, we got out the map and plotted their firing solution. So they were about 3km away from impact area, they were firing a 1L charge all safeties were performed except one, the crew chief got excited and failed to check the prop charge and loaded a 2L charge resulting in a significant increase in range, needless to say many good soldiers are going to lose their rank and commands.

      • Chris

        Thank you! I was observing that fire mission and that is EXACTLY what happened. It was the FFE, 4 rounds, we observed 3. You sir have some intelligence, unlike the rest of these fucktards.

  • amber

    I love all these people bashing our soldiers who were training to keep us safe…it was an accident, as if none of you have ever had an accident. How about instead of bashing them, we be thankful at the fact that no one was hurt??

    • mark

      amber, point well taken. but really it doesn’t have to do with soldiers (it is the national guard after all)…it has to do with poor decisions and the personnel in charge. no one is dissing people who are sacrificing for us..just the poor process in place. i mean come on. hitting close by neighborhoods in their exercises? human error happens all the time, i make mistakes everyday. the military needs to be on target..that’s their job and what we as taxpayers pay them for.

      • Aim

        Really Mark, so the National Guard isn’t the really military? They have to go through boot camp, wear the same uniform/rank and have to maintain their readiness all the time. Yes the military has to be on target but as someone who was in the military for awhile I saw plenty of accidents happen. Most were human error. It wasn’t like this shell landed right next door, it went for a few miles. Until the full investigation is done no one knows why this shell went so far off target.

      • Grif

        Hard to believe that errors are made during “training”, maybe thats why it’s called “training”, but even harder to believe is that people like Mark, who have absolutly no knowledge of what the military is about, are still out there. Not only out there, but allowed to access the internet. What a waste of comment space.

  • mark

    “Until the full investigation is done no one knows why this shell went so far off target.” i definitely agree with you on this point. all i am saying is that any action like this should be held accountable no matter how noble the cause…& i do retract my comment about the soldiers, they are sacrificing for the common good. i just don’t like the idea that any person or organization (even the military) is above the law. most importantly, no one was hurt

  • amber

    Trust me mark, these soldiers are most definitely being held accountable! Soldiers are not above the law by any means…

    • mark

      my hope is that the few soldiers behind the artillery are not blamed & used as scapegoats for this, and that the investigation looks at the system in place and the decisions made by superior officers that might have led to this…..sorry for being so wordy, sometimes i’m better off to keep my mouth shut! enough said by me….peace & good day :-)

  • donald rutledge, SGT

    I betcha the officer in charge got his arse chewed out due to not checking the line of fire :D, with respect I’m glad our taxpayers didn’t get hurt or killed, the government does need to pay for damage and the ones who screwed up are held accountable for the ah! S×÷= moment. With respect

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