Suspected Arrested In Muldrow Homicide Investigation

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Muldrow police arrested a suspect while investigating a murder case in Sequoyah County, according to authorities.

Kelly King was arrested after police interviewed him about the case, according to Muldrow Police Chief George Lawson.

The victim was beaten to death with a crowbar, and police said they found the victim's body covered by a sheet in his own backyard on June 9. Authorities said a neighbor noticed the body under the sheet and called police.

Lawson said the victim was identified as Terry Stuart, 62, based on the tattoos on his body.

The last time Stuart was seen alive was June 7, according to police.

King lived in the home with Stuart, police said.

Authorities said King drove by the house in Stuart's car while investigators were on scene. They tried to stop him to ask him about what happened, and that's when King took off, police said. King led authorities on a high-speed chase to Sallisaw, before authorities were able to take him into custody.

King was intoxicated when the arrest was made, according to police.

King faces a charge of first degree murder, according to Lawson.



  • Doc

    Not the first major rap this scumbag will beat. Grand theft(drank antifreeze), B&E, burglary(intoxicated). Hope our sheriff did a blood test on him because my money says he was sober as a judge before the pursuit, drank 3 or 4 beers during the pursuit and put on an award winning performance (drunk) when apprehended. My opinion, the wrong person died.

  • Randi

    My mom is currently in prison because of him. i never trusted him one bit. I dont know how he gets away with everything but my guess he will get away with this too.

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