Balloons to be Released in Honor of Morgan Nick

Family and friends will gather Monday night to release dozens of pink balloons for the 19th anniversary of Morgan Nick’s disappearance.

On June 9th, 1995 Morgan was kidnapped from a little league ball field in Alma. Her mother, Colleen Nick, went on to found the Morgan Nick Foundation in hopes of finding Morgan and helping other missing kids.

“We’ve never been given any kind of proof that Morgan is not alive. And we’ve seen amazing stories of recovery: the girls from Ohio last year. You know, Jaycee Dugard in California had been missing for 18 years”, said Morgan’s mother Colleen Nick, “We do know kids survive and they’re just waiting to be rescued. So my family is committed to finding Morgan and bringing her home.

Each balloon will have a card attached with Morgan’s picture and story.

If you have information that you believe could help solve this case, call Crime Stoppers at (479) 78-CRIME.




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