Hole Under Road In Rogers Will Cost $397,000 To Repair

The Rogers City Council will vote Tuesday night on a proposed $397,000 road improvement project that will fix a portion of Pleasant Ridge Road, a county spokesperson said.

Recent storms in the area created a hole beneath the road West of Breckinridge Road, requiring the city to seek emergency repairs.

The repair project has been assigned to Johnson Construction, Inc., of Rogers.

The damage to the road is not clearly visible to drivers. The area that will be worked on is alongside a local stream, and is marked with orange flags and paint.

The city council meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Rogers City Hall building.

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  • Ron Snider

    How can it cost $400,000?

    Just dump some large loads of mellon size rocks down, then fill gravel, then asphalt back over?

    Sounds kind of costly, but then again I know nothing of road repairs.

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