Pantless Woman, Convicted In Previous DWI Death, Jailed Again

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A 53-year-old Fayetteville woman, convicted in a previous DWI death, was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated Sunday night (June 8).  The arresting officer said she was not wearing pants or underwear.

Jo Jackson was booked into the Washington County Detention Center just past midnight on Monday (June 9) and was out of jail several hours later on a $1,780 bond. Jackson is set to appear in Fayetteville District Court on July 14. She faces charges of driving while intoxicated and driving on a suspended or revoked license, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office website.

Jackson's license was suspended after she was convicted in the September 2011 death of veteran Fayetteville road worker Jackie Luper, 51, on Joyce Boulevard. She told officers she had taken prescription medications prior to the incident. Her 12-year-old daughter was in the car at the time, officials said.

Following her negligent homicide conviction in June 2012, Jackson received a sentence of time served and was sentenced to no further jail or prison time, according to court records. She was also sentenced to 12 months of probation, which she fulfilled in June 2013, records show.

The city renamed the section of Joyce Boulevard from College Avenue to Crossover Road the honorary Jack Luper Boulevard.

On Sunday just after 9 p.m., Jackson was arrested at the Sonic Drive-In at 2908 N. College Ave. in Fayetteville after police received a report that a vehicle had hit a trash can, according to a preliminary arrest report.

Joshua Garrett is a manager at the Sonic. Garrett said he saw how the incident began.

"She pulled through our lot and came through our parking lot," he said. "She hit our trash cans and then backed up and proceeded to hit them again. She almost drove straight into the glass at the Tune Concrete Co. back here. She actually pulled up on the curb and got really close and then stopped."

Garrett said he then called police, because he was worried about the safety of his guests.

Jackson, whose Toyota Sequoia was in the Sonic parking spot, told the arresting officer she didn't know if her SUV hit the trash can. The officer reported that Jackson had "bloodshot, watery eyes" and said she'd had a couple of glasses of wine. An empty, small bottle of wine was in a cup holder inside the vehicle, the report states.

Jackson was not wearing pants or underwear. She covered herself in a blanket when the officer asked her to get out of the Sequoia. Asked why she wasn't wearing pants or underwear, she told the officer she was "just going to get something for dinner," according to the report.

Police administered a horizontal gaze nystagmus test, but said Jackson refused to take other tests since she did not have any pants on.

"Every situation is different," said Sgt. Craig Stout, Fayetteville Police Department. "In this one here, the officers chose not to do the rest of the failed sobriety tests, because she was not wearing any pants. She just would not be able to perform those tests and I don't  believe she would want to."

Her blood alcohol content level registered .14 at the detention center, the report states.

5NEWS went to Jackson's home on Monday. She answered the door, but declined to comment on what happened.

Mark Ridgeway said he knows people who live nearby Jackson's house. He said authorities need to take action, because she is a danger to others on the roadway.

"I know that parents in the neighborhood have told their kids to be cautious when riding their bikes, crossing the street or even playing in the street," he said. "They need to do something so that she is not driving immediately. Maybe they need to have a longer probationary period for her."

Tammy Hahn is with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She said drunk drivers typically drive intoxicated about 80 times before their first arrest. Additionally one third of DWI arrests are repeat offenders, Hahn said.

"It's a big enough problem that everyone not only in Northwest Arkansas, but all across America should be concerned about," she said. "Almost 11,000 people die every year."

Hahn is a survivor of a drunk car accident. She said law enforcement needs to take action against convicted repeat offenders.

"There has to be something done in order for these offenders to learn the very first time or even before the first time how serious this can be," she said.



  • Sarah 1

    Sober up woman. You are in big trouble. You should have been locked up after killing a man. Your license should never, ever be given back to you.

    And keep your clothing on as well.

  • Robert Barrett

    Why wasn’t she sent to jail for the first offense? Was she on probation or what? Article wasn’t very clear at all.

    • Heath Comer

      Because that’s part of the liberal agenda ruining our country. Don’t make people be accountable for their actions and don’t make them suffer consequences. Slap them on the wrist after they kill someone driving drunk and turn them loose. It’s ridiculous.

      • Sarah 1

        I am liberal and totally FOR her being locked up. Your liberal agenda comment is wasted. She should have served time and never be allowed to own a vehicle again.
        Do you lay everything at the fault of liberals? Maybe your brain needs a reset button.

      • X

        Heather how do you blame what happened on liberals? Do you live your life like that? Everything that happens blame it on the liberals or God meant for it to happen. It must be nice to live in a fairy tale like you do.

      • Heath Comer

        Sarah, no I blame people that commit these actions for them. However, I do believe it is the liberal agenda that allows these people to walk. There are many liberals who, like you, think she should be locked up, and they, like you, are correct. However, the liberal agenda pushes leniancy in the criminal justice system (such as wanting to do away with death penalty, for example). Socially, the liberal agenda does not promote accountability, either. For example, if someone wants to live a promiscuous lifestyle, they can just go get an abortion if needed rather than dealing with the consequences of their actions. My point was that there are very few liberal policies that promote responsibility and accountability for actions. Instead, liberal policies allow an easy way out for people who act irresponsibly. And, the fact is that our governmental and justice systems are embracing the liberal platform more and more every day.

      • Gene Dubois

        Liberals slap people on the wrist; conservatives send them to the gas chamber. What are you going to do? Also, I love how if you say something is because of the Liberals, and someone disagrees with you, that automatically makes them a Liberal. No room for nuanced disagreement or debate, just black and white. Exactly how Fox News and the rich people in charge of things want you to believe it is. It makes their job easier.

      • Sarah 1

        Oh my. You may have went too far. I am against the death penalty but this is a recent change (last five years). So many prisoners are locked up for murders where DNA was never tested. Once tested the long-term prisoner may be innocent. If they have been executed, their innocence doesn’t work out so well.
        Liberals demand accountability as well. Say Pryor or Cotton? Cotton is spoon fed from the Koch Brothers and is Mr. NO on every single bill. Check his record?
        Pryor was here all along securing funding for Arkansas natural disasters, veterans bills, food stamps, which Cotton is against helping anyone. Cotton voted against so many bills I can’t name them all and it annoys me that Pryor will not get on board the Affordable Care Act. Needy people in Arkansas LOVE the new insurance and Pryor should embrace it but sadly he does not. But in the balance sheet Pryor has HELPED Arkansas citizens so many times, so I go for Pryor. Who is perfect? Not me that is for sure.
        I am for abortion as well. If you don’t want abortion to be legal, give out free birth control to everyone. Because the rich people will slip the doctor a wad of cash and be taken care of while the poor woman will be in the back alley with a coat hanger. You take away abortion rights which have already been fought for and decided, only poor women will die in cloakrooms and alleys.
        Heath you come from a good place so try to see both sides of any issue.

      • Bob Gnarly

        Bush and Cheney lied us into a war and never suffered any consequences. Does this mean they are liberals?

      • Bob Gnarly

        It is now clear to me that the two cops who got drunk and threatened the people with their guns in that Fayetteville bar and were allowed to drive home must be liberals.

        All of the cops who allowed them to leave unhindered must be liberals.

        Larry P. Norman and Coleman “Duke” Brackney must also be liberals.

        Soon-to-be former State Senator Holland suffered minimal consequence for outrunning police across two counties. He must be a liberal.

        Former FSPD Officer Adcock who held a gun to the 5 year old kid’s head pleaded not-guilty so he must be a liberal.

        Sequoya Count Sheriff Ron Lockhart and all of the deputies involved who took minimal action in the Adcock case must be liberals.

        So many liberals……

      • Heath Comer

        Sarah, I in no way support Cotton. Neither do I support Pryor, but that is neither here nor there. Just because someone claims Democrat does not mean they are liberal and just because someone claims Republican does not mean they are conservative. And also, both sides will support issues just to appease the people who stuff their pockets when it comes to the political arena. While I do not support giving handouts, I disagree with Cotton on some of his policies. I believe in helping people who actually need it, such as natural disasters, veterans, etc. As far as food stamps, it is a novel idea, but there is not enough oversight and too many people are on it who do not need it. If a person legitimately needs it, that is one thing, but there are people who are on it because they are to lazy to work. I am completely against the Affordable Care Act because I do not believe the government has the right to tell me, as a consumer, I have to buy something. Forget all the small details of rollout problems, etc., the reason I don’t support it is that simple. Besides, the real problem with the health care system is the outrageous charges the providers have. I know this from experience. $8 for a tylenol, $10 for a pair of latex gloves, its ridiculous. Next time you go to hospital, ask for an itemized bill. You will be surprised. I know I was. Until this is fixed, nothing is going to work. Besides, there are many people who can barely afford groceries, now the government says they “HAVE TO” buy insurance. I don’t agree with it. About executing innocent people, I have always said that the death penalty should be administered only if there is 0 chance of innocence, such as admission of guilt or evidence is overwhelming, but I support the death penalty nonetheless. As far as abortion and birth control, why not just promote abstinence? That is more effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies than birth control. What is wrong with that? Our culture accepts promiscuity as the norm and even glorifies it with movies, music, etc. Why couldn’t we reverse that? That would be teaching accountability and responsibility. To me, handing out birth control to whoever wants it is just promoting a promiscuous lifestyle.

      • Elaphas

        Yes, liberals are the root of EVERY problem in America. Their messiah in Washington is all the proof you need.

      • PillarOfSalt

        @sarah1, your quote:…”. She should have served time and never be allowed to own a vehicle again.” That’s right, like she is going to go by the law and never drive again…LOL,

        Wake up, do you listen to what you say?? No law passed down by any judge is going to change people and make them behave the way you want them to! Sorry to break this to you but you’re just whistling in the wind.

        Maybe we could pass a law to keep people with dum/b ideas from posting on here like sarah none.

      • Bob Gnarly

        Wow, PillarOfSalt, are there any other freedoms in this free country you’d like to eliminate?

        Perhaps you should heed you own advice:

        “Wake up, do you listen to what you say??”

  • Daniel P. Brown

    She was released a few hours after being arrested and her court date isn’t until July 14. That’s ample time to kill at least one more person!

    I wonder if she’s a really dedicated method actor portraying a real-life Lucille Bluth?

  • JD

    Without any more information than is provided in this article, it seems that she has a mental illness and an addiction and needs help. And also, lets not forget she has a daughter likely reading these comments about her mother. Very sad indeed.

  • Boo Radley

    I enjoy seeing how one or two people can manipulate and turn a topic around and get people to argue about totally unrelated issues.

  • Ron Snider

    All she has to do is say she was molested as a child, or that the cop tried to “touch” her and she will get out of this.

    This lady is a typical “Christian” hypocrite, just like 90% of us.

    Also, I’d say 20% of cars going down the street during certain times are driven by impaired drivers. Also 40% in Arkansas have no current auto insurance.

    I actually felt bad for her after the DUI death that she caused on Joyce Blvd, but now if I was on a jury, I’d stick it to this killer.

  • AHZZ

    She’s totally “Cuckoo”! Just look at her photo! Hope she goes away FOR GOOD! Like she should have after killing!

  • Tvs

    Wow! What a judgemental, self righteous bunch. Jo has helped more people than you can even imagine. She has helped more people on a life saving level than you will ever help in you life. You have no idea who she is. Get a life. Stop the gossip and judgement. Go out and help someone to the point of sacrifice. Pray for Jo. When you are perfect ….and only when you are perfect…..throw some stones. Until then shut up!

    • Sarah 1

      Tvs you miss the point. She received an abbreviated sentence the first time when a man DIED. She was now driving on a revoked license. You can rave on about how wonderful she is and so giving, but she didn’t learn her lesson. It is time to learn this time and serve REAL time.

      And what excuse do you make for her lack of clothing?

    • Natalie Davis

      She has also hurt more people, on a life taking level, than most of us ever will in our entire life. She killed a man….PERIOD. She didn’t learn a thing.

    • HL

      tvs, Do you think all that nonsense excuses the fact that she killed someone? And that she is now willfully doing the very thing that caused her to kill someone all over again? How many people do you think she should be allowed to kill, just because you think she’s a super duper person?

  • tornado fighter

    Most of the comments have nothing to do with the should of gone to prison. For 25 years.she is no better than other people that have killed a person. I believe in the death penalty. And those who are proven innocent 1 million a year that they had to serve.. for justice. Prisoners should be compensated if proven innocent. But for the half naked woman. She needs to spend a long time in jail.

  • PillarOfSalt

    Not at all bob gnarly….sarah none can say what she wants no matter how far off from reality it is, I just had to point that out. Same goes for you when you make unrealistic liberal nonsense.

    Rave on…

  • John

    Wait, wasn’t the offense in which she killed a man the result of peescription medication (a “DUI, not a “DWI”)?

  • Jimi Darrell Davis

    I use to be engaged to this woman. I do not know what happen to her I just hope she finds the help she needs. She is a good person sometimes people just lose that part of them selfs and needs help from others to find it.

  • Soonerfan

    This women needs help and she needs to stay off the roads. Prison time to think about all she has done.

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  • Faith

    The judge that turned her loose with a slap on the wrist should be ashamed and held accountable in some way. People with minor traffic violations get harsher punishments than she did when she took that life! I am amazed that she didn’t kill one or more people this time. Even drunk hungry people put their pants on to go to a drive thru. This woman is beyond a typical alcoholic!

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