Police: Farmington Man Steals TV As Revenge Against Landlord

Cory Ryan

A Farmington man was arrested on suspicion of threatening a man with a knife and stealing a television, according to a probable cause report.

Cory Ryan, 24, was arrested after threatening a man with a knifeĀ and forcing him to carry a stolen television to Ryan’s residence, the report states.

Police arrived at a residence in the 22,000 block of War Eagle Blacktop Road and spoke with the victim that had to carry the television. The victim stated that he woke up and found Ryan disconnecting the device and filling a duffel bag with clothes in front of him, according to the report.

When the man asked Ryan what he was doing he said, “Getting even at [the landlady] for kicking him out,” the report states.

The victim was an employee of the landlady that kicked Ryan out, according to the report.

When the man told Ryan to put the stuff back, he said, “[Expletive] that old [expletive],” according to the report.

After taking some of the stuff outside, Ryan came back inside and asked the victim to carry some items for him. The man told Ryan, “To Hell with that,” the report states.

That was when Ryan pulled out a knife and threatened the man, forcing him to carry the television to Ryan’s residence, according to the report.

Police arrived and saw the television outside of Ryan’s home. They also found a silver kitchen knife, a glass pipe with methamphetamine residue, a woman’s purse, a purple case with two baggies containing meth residue and more, the report states.

Ryan was arrested and transported to the Washington County Detention Center where he faces charges of aggravated residential burglary, kidnapping, residential burglary, terroristic threatening and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the report.


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