Fort Smith Millage Increase Would Support Public Library

The Fort Smith City Directors decided Tuesday (June 10) to put a two millage increase on the ballot in a special election on August 12th.

That would increase the millage from 1 to 3. This means property tax for residents who own a $100,000 home would increase from $20 to $60 annually.

” I think my property taxes are enough already, so I’m not for it myself,” said Fort Smith resident Larry Cochran.

” I don’t know anyone, you, me, your viewing audience that has gone 57 years without a raise,” said City Director Phillip Merry Jr.

The extra money will go to expand and enhance the library system. “More books, more DVDs, more computers, and faster internet,” said Library Director Jennifer Goodson.

“We are for it, we home school and we go to the library several times a week,” said resident Sara Davis.

Goodson said the millage increase will benefit all four locations of the Fort Smith Public Library.

“You’ll be able to downstream an Itunes video, movie, book, whatnot for free,” said Merry.

“And that’s one of the things that makes the library initiative different from other elections, it’s local, it’s something that they can benefit from almost immediately,” said Goodson.

If the measure is approved, Goodson said it will be the first millage increase to support the library system in 57 years.



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