Log Truck Rolls Over On Elkins Highway

log truck overturned elkins

Police responded to an overturned log truck in Elkins on Tuesday afternoon (May 10), according to the Elkins Police Department.

The overturned log truck blocked traffic on Arkansas 16, and tow trucks were called to the scene to move it out of the way, police said.

There are no reported injuries, and the accident took place near the intersection of Arkansas 16 and Stokenbury Road, police said.

The side of the truck identifies it as part of Long Valley Timber out of Huntsville. Eyewitnesses said the log truck was turning onto the Highway from Stokenbury Road, but it took the turn too sharply, rolling into a nearby ditch.

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  • Nancy Doss

    I noticed the error of the date, as today is not May 10th but June 10th, someone is a month behind, I am glad nobody was hurt.

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