Treasurer Withdraws Motion, No Longer Wants Rogers Officials Held In Contempt


The Rogers treasurer withdrew his motion this week urging a federal court judge to hold city officials in contempt. His withdrawal paperwork, issued Monday, states he and the city have since resolved their issues.

Jerry Hudlow filed a motion May 27 in Fayetteville federal court stating the city had failed to properly reinstate him after he won more than $400,000 and his job back in a lawsuit against the City of Rogers. As a result, he wanted a federal judge to find city officials in contempt for violating court orders.

Court documents submitted by Hudlow’s attorney Monday withdraw the request, saying the two sides reached an agreement, although it does not say what that agreement entails.

Hudlow was set to return to work May 15 after winning his wrongful termination lawsuit against Rogers on April 29. Hudlow was fired in May 2012 and filed the lawsuit three months later, claiming Mayor Greg Hines did not have absolute authority to fire him and that his due process rights were violated.

A federal judge in April ruled in favor of Hudlow and ordered the city pay him $321,020 in lost wages and benefits, along with $84,697 in court costs. He also ordered the city to restore Hudlow to his previous job as city treasurer, according to court documents.

Hudlow’s resulting motion filed in May claimed the job he returned to last month was not a proper reflection of his job as treasurer.

“(Hudlow) has been effectively ostracized from his former role as treasurer,” the motion states.

The treasurer said he was assigned to an office in the Parks and Recreation annex upon his return and has no staff. He also said he was notified by the city that he is not authorized to transact any business on behalf of Rogers. That job remains a responsibility of the city’s finance director, despite it falling under the purview of treasurer, the court document states.

Hudlow received a memo on his first day back that stated he would be reporting to the finance committee of the Rogers city Council. The finance committee chairwoman, city councilmember Betsy Reithemeyer, told Hudlow the next day that Hudlow’s new role as treasurer would be “oversight,” but did not further explain his job responsibilities, the motion states.

The alleged changes to Hudlow’s job as treasurer and his job responsibilities showed the city has purposely failed to follow the federal court’s order to reinstate Hudlow as treasurer, according to the motion.


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