Springdale Man Calls 911 After Fight With Wife, Police Arrest Him

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A Springdale man who had been drinking started fighting with his wife and afterwards called 911 on her, but when officers responded on Wednesday (June 11) at 5:30 a.m., they arrested him, according to court documents.

Devon Reeves, 20, came home from work after drinking and was complaining about his job. Officers arrived at Reeves’ residence in the 19000 block of Fawn Road in Springdale, court documents state.

Reeves started to fight with his wife and ended up breaking his Xbox. She attempted to call police, but he took her cell phone and threw it out into the yard, according to court documents.

The fight moved outdoors, and a witness jumped on Reeves, ending the dispute. Officers said they observed scratches on the wife’s face and chin, court documents state.

Afterwards, Reeves was walking along the road and decided to call 911 to report the situation. This would lead to his arrest.

Reeves was taken into custody and booked into the Washington County Detention Center. He faces charges of domestic battery – 3rd degree, interference with emergency communication – 1st degree and criminal mischief – 2nd degree, according to court documents.



    • Sarah 1

      You were speed reading. Try again.
      Twenty year olds cannot decide on which tv program to watch yet they feel they are old enough to be married? YIKES.

  • ruthless

    Bad reporting, isnt the whole story at all just reports he’s the only bad one . What about the baseball bat she used ? What about the girl fight she got in? Is he really married? Really alot of women cry wolf its a classic.

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