Woman Missing From Wakarusa Found Safe

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A woman that was thought to be missing from the Wakarusa concert has been found safe, according to a post on the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Alexandra Flores, 21, was last seen on June 9, and her mother called authorities saying she hadn’t heard from her daughter in a while, according to Public Information Officer Bill Sadler with the Arkansas State Police.

Flores called her mother and spoke with her early Wednesday morning (June 11) to let her know she was okay, according to authorities.



  • John Doe

    I’m sure she just ran away with some Hippies and she forgot to call her mom… Glad she is safe though!

  • Happy

    This cost taxpayers how much??? Not to mention deputies being taken away from other important matters.

    • Grateful

      I see your line of thought Happy, but I am sorry to tell you that attitude is the reason at times the authorities don’t take a missing persons report serious soon enough. Thank God she was okay, but you complaining of the cost is a slap in the face to that mother. Sure, this was a cost to taxpayers, but I haven’t heard anything in the news of this distracting deputies of other “important matters”. Don’t let the pendulum swing so far in the other direction is what I am trying to say.

  • Laura

    Thanks for wasting everyone’s time, making people very worried for no reason and causing people all over social media to share a missing persons report hoping to find you… all because you couldn’t take the time to let your friends you came with or your mom know you’re alright and not missing or worse. Be considerate of the public and law enforcement’s time and efforts next time you decide to “make bad decisions”.

    • Grateful

      Laura, you are right on the money. Hopefully someone that young lady respects will tell her the same thing! There were obviously enough people who respected HER enough to get concerned!

  • ehhh

    Ummm, she’s 21 years old, she’s a grown ass adult, what’s it matter if she’s no “heard from” for 2 days… It isn’t like this is a minor. Some people are ridiculous.

  • Lily

    okay, Doesnt it seem a little weird that she went missing then all of a sudden called her mom because she ‘forgot’? Have you ever thought that maybe this kidnapper saw that authorities were looking for her so he made her call her mom to assure her shes okay.? so now the police think shes fine. Its very weird. just a thought.

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