Immigrant Children To Be Kept In Oklahoma

Federal officials said 135 children who were detained trying to enter the United States illegally are expected to arrive at Fort Sill this weekend.

The Department of Defense has allowed the Department of Health and Human Services to temporarily house the children.

Fort Sill currently has 1,200 beds, showeres as well as office spaces.

The Mayor of the city of Lawton said he expects some controversy over the issues, however he personally could not help but allow it.

He said, “It’s a humanitarian feeling of responsibility.”

Contrary to what the mayor was expecting some residents of Lawton say they understand why the mayor made this choice and see it as a good thing to help children.

Resident John Woosypiti said, “I hope those kids are taken care of and if they can be reunited with their families that would be a plus.”

The Department of Defense has only authorized Fort Sill to stay open for 120 days.  Officials say they will try to reunite the children with their families or place them with sponsors.


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