Former Softball Coach From Fort Smith Arrested In Teen Sex Sting

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A former softball coach from Fort Smith was arrested in a teenage sex sting, according to a news release from the Crawford County Sheriff's Office.

Jason Hamilton, 34, of Fort Smith is behind bars, accused of planning to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex, the release states.

A report was filed with the Crawford County Sheriff's Office in April in reference to Hamilton making contact with a 14-year-old girl on Facebook, according to the release.

The account was take over by detectives, and Hamilton later set up a time to meet a person he believed to be the girl for sex, the release states.

Hamilton knew the teenage girl because he had temporarily coached a 6-year-old relative of the 14-year-old girl in softball, but the team did not stay together, and he is not a coach anymore, according to the release.

He coached at Ben Geren parks in Fort Smith.

Hamilton was arrested in Van Buren on June 17 at approximately 5:30 p.m. by Van Buren Police and Crawford County Deputies, the release states.

Hamilton has been booked into the Crawford County Detention Center and has a $7,500 bond. He faces a charge of internet stalking of a child.



  • Sarah 1

    This sick behavior will continue unless bond is increased and jail time is long in time.
    Please ladies, do not leave your children alone with men. I know there are millions of great guys out there, but a modification of choices might save just one child from many years of misery.
    Who among us knows who the good guy is?
    We have coaches, policemen, athletic directors, teachers, etc., who appeared to be perfect men but we found out differently. Err on the side of caution until we turn this around.

    I would also like to hear opinion on why this is happening?

    • Sean

      I doubt it’s happening at an increased rate, hopefully we are just catching them more now. The popularity of social media could possibly increase chances to communicate more now, but as in this case it also led to the arrest.

    • tired of the child molesters

      Sarah you said it perfectly. Trust noone with your child male or female. I hope parents start opening their eyes and watching their children closer instead of letting them just do what they want on social media. That seems to be where a lot of the contact and arrangements to meet are being done.

    • Sarah 1

      Curt Lanning – please look into who is using my moniker again. This is sick and I would never make a comment like this. GRRRR! 6497

  • Sarah 1

    I forgot to add – there are settings on any phone or tablet devices in which every photo, message or email is forwarded to the mother from any online program.

    • Faith

      Yes and I can show you a dozen ways to detect key loggers, software that can detect any email text copying programs bypass those settings without a password etc.. All your kid has to do is Google it or look around on you tube. It is incredibly simple so I really hope you are being more proactive in protecting your children than using simple software. I am not trying to be a smart rear I really do hope you have other safe guards in place.

      • Sarah 1

        Prison camps are for persons arrested for doing the bad thing to a child or the intent after the misery has occurred. My perspective is to protect the innocent child BEFORE damage is done, not after.

        Arnie – I gladly wear the hat of female activist if any child can be protected.

      • Sarah 1

        Curt Lanning – please look into who is using my moniker again. This is sick and I would never make a comment like this. GRRRR! 6498

  • Alton Byers

    Where are the parents? Why is there no supervision of what these children do online? Any parent that allows their child unrestricted/monitored access to the internet is guilty in situations like this. Crimes like this have been going on since the beginning of time but social media makes it easier.

  • HL

    Where are all the yahoos, crying about what a fantastic, wonderful human being this creep is? I hope he spends a long, unpleasant stretch in prison.

  • moreannoyed

    I’m not originally from around here, and I have only been here for a couple years. In that time I have heard more stories of coaches and teachers having inappropriate relations with underage girls/students than I have in my whole life. It is usually just laughed about or covered up by the good ol’ boy system when I hear the story.
    Until this mindset is changed and people start reporting suspicions and incidents and people start being punished for their actions, not just shipped to another school or area, this is going to continue. People know of coaches/teachers who have or are doing inappropriate things and since it is not their daughter they just laugh, and say something about the person or their family. I just cant comprehend it all, its quite amazing. The first time I heard a story, I just thought it happens, but then I heard another and then another story. Then I snapped on someone for laughing about it and they did not understand why. I asked them what if it was your daughter someone else was laughing about.

    • Sarah 1

      I think in the south there is typically a good old boy network. Scoring with a young female is considered educational and fun. Only in recent years have charges been leveled on a more serious and continuous level. As the south begins to turn purple, and more educated citizens move south from the north for employment opportunities, they will bring a different set of moral values with them that is somewhat lacking now. Predator s*x either from strangers, friends or family members should have judges handing down long-term sentences (regardless if they are officers).
      Men need to know ‘no means no’.

      • Mark Smith

        Sarah, You obviously have a woman’s studies bent. Have you considered Men’s studies where Men are depicted as idiots in modern media? Men are the first to be arrested in Domestic Violence when it is well understood that woman offend just as often as Men. Look at the actual research before knee-jerking to the last one. The truth is there. If you don’t bother and simply rant, then I will know you are one of the feminists that pursue self-gratification out of power needs over rational thinking. Good luck with that.

      • Sarah 1

        There is validity in your comment in that men are arrested more for domestic violence. These pages tell the tale . The men are doing the deed and you cannot deny the fact. Woman do not offend as often as men. Do your own fact check Mark?
        Men are depicted in media as dolts because we have female directors at long last. They pick and choose their own scripts. The cycle is certainly in women’s favor as well it should be because men have started inserting probes and doing ultrasounds to our bodies. That is a bridge too far.
        As far as being concerned with your perception of me, I don’t care what you think.

      • Sarah 1

        ” “The truth is there. If you don’t bother and simply rant, then I will know you are one of the feminists that pursue self-gratification out of power needs over rational thinking” ” per Mark’s comment. He is in point of fact not aware he is commanding me to think like he chooses me to think.
        Proof is in his own commenting.

      • Hayden Hodges

        I’m curious as to why my previous comment was removed. It was not inappropriate, Sarah. And it does make me wonder…..

  • Mark Smith

    If I were the DA, I would be a little concerned about a point the defense team could bring up. That being, isn’t this entrapment if the police leveraged adult level seduction and sophistication no

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