U.S. To Send 300 Military Advisers To Iraq, No Combat Troops

Photo courtesy: CBS News.

Photo courtesy: CBS News.

CNN – Speaking at a news conference on the topic of the situation in Iraq, President Barack Obama said Thursday (June 19) that Iraq should form a new government to better represent all Iraqis, calling for leaders with an inclusive agenda better able to overcome the nation’s deep sectarian divisions.

He also saidĀ he’s prepared to send up to 300 military advisers to Iraq to “assess how we can best train, advise and support Iraqi security forces.” Obama added that “American forces will not be returning to combat” but will help Iraqis “take the fight to terrorists who threaten the Iraqi people, the region and American interests as well.”

President Obama notedĀ helping the Iraq government stave off Sunni militant fighters sweeping across Iraq was in the U.S. national interest because it would help prevent a civil war that could destabilize the region and also prevent creation of a terrorist safe haven.

The strategy for Iraq means that “going forward, we will be prepared to take targeted and precise military action if and when we determine that the situation on the ground requires it,” President Obama said.


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