Police Arrest Farmington Man On Suspicion Of Rape Of A Minor

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Farmington Police arrested a University of Arkansas employee on suspicion of giving alcohol to two teenagers and having sex with them on June 15, records show.

Dimitri Donovan, 19, of Farmington, was arrested Wednesday (June 18) after police say he met with and picked up three juvenile girls at O'Reilly Auto Parts at 57 W. Main St. in Farmington and took them to his home. His residence is in the 100 block of Lark Lane in Farmington, court documents state.

At his home, he provided alcohol to two of the minors, a 13-year-old and a 17-year-old. He asked them into his bedroom and had sex with the two girls he'd given alcohol to, according to court documents.

The third teenager, also a 17-year-old, stayed in the living room while the man had sex with the other girls. Donovan then took all three girls back to the auto parts store and dropped them off, court documents state.

Farmington Police Chief Brian Hubbard said the three girls snuck out of a house around 2 a.m. to meet Donovan. A few hours later the girls returned to a home and one of the parents of the girls called police. The police investigated for three days and arrested Donovan on Wednesday (June 18), officials said.

Donovan was booked into the Washington County Detention Center and faces charges of rape, sexual indecency with a child, endangering the welfare of a minor in the second degree and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to court documents.

Neighbors living on Lark Lane near Donovan said they never suspected something like this would be going on there.

"An old friend of mine who I don't talk to goes over there," Mac Jones said, "I wouldn't think anything suspicious of it, so I was actually really shocked hearing about it."

Nathan Vess lives on the other side of the street and said he wasn't surprised to hear the news.

"I wasn't too shocked to be honest," He said, "With them being a party house, and cars are there 24/7, it was one of those things that wasn't really a surprise to me."

Court documents show three prior arrests on Donovan's record, including theft, aggravated assault and domestic battery.

He is being held on a $75,000 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office website.

Donovan was an hourly employee of the University of Arkansas, working as a service assistant in the parking department, according to a school official. At this time, his employment status with the university is undetermined.


  • objectivefodder

    Aside from the fact that he acted foolishly and without regard or respect for our laws, I’m indeed puzzled as to the presence of the third party female who sat idly by while the other two minors were supposedly and allegedly serviced. I’m confused as to the consensual ramifications on this one. Seems to me there might be liability and charges on her part for not acting to protect the other two. This entire sexual fiasco sounds suspiciously predicated based on consent. Nevertheless, he’ll pay dearly. Let this be a lesson to the young bucks that think they’re invincible and blameless. This young man clearly didn’t think, did he? He didn’t see the severity. Acting out, and without consequential repercussions; the boy thought he could get away with this-until the girls spoke out. Guess what young man; your actions instantly destroyed your life forever. The physical urges of your hormones swiftly made you a criminal. Congratulations, you’ve been marked for life. As for the girls, well, a message to the parents-this would be a real news worthy story to bring up when having family time. I’m unsure as to whether he’s fully 100% responsible on this impropriety, but clearly, he should’ve know better than to act on impulse and carry out the act. No doubt, he was supposedly the more responsible adult.

  • FedUp

    He didn’t act alone. And, I agree with Objective. How could the other 17 year-old sit in the living room while this crime was being committed??

    • FedUp

      And, with the NW Arkansas boom comes crime, gangs, prostitution, corruption and mind boggling and nerve wracking traffic.

      • joesumone

        Well, you’ve perfectly described the Christian churches in NWA, so everyone should already be used to it.

  • matt

    Tom, Benton County is booming. If it wasn’t for the U of A Fayetteville would look the same as fort smith. At least in Fayetteville the homeless only hang on mlk. Drive down any street in the fort during daylight and there are bums everywhere. Benton Vegas is NWA. Fayetteville, and Springdale are like our FT Smith and Van Buren of the region. Bad things happen everywhere in this state. I grew up in Fayeteville but you couldn’t pay me enough money to live there, or the fort/vanb area today.

  • ehhh

    I hear of more crime in NWA than Ft. Smith and certainly Van Buren. You may want to re-evaluate your statement.

    However I will agree on the homeless situation. They do seem to flock to Ft. Smith. Maybe we should stop giving them change?

    • bobreal

      Wish the Police would stop allowing them hang out on the corner of North 6th and North B.. Waiting for FREE FOOD.. I notice Most of them are Smoking so where are they getting their money for tobacco??

  • bobreal

    Hope they stick him in a Cell with some BIG BUBBA’s and let them have fun with him in the cell and shower.

    • objectivefodder

      How interesting, “BOBREAL” states in commentary under another news story (Arkansas Legislators Approve Anti-Gay Marriage Resolution), and says, (and I quote), “ALL States needs to have a Cage to put Q’ers in to STOP THE SPREAD OF AIDS…” So BOBREAL, you clearly contradict yourself. Your primitive mind bewilders us. How did you survive this long on cognitive thinking? You’re an inbred low class, perverted, demented uneducated moron. Do you know how foolish and stupid you sound? You are the type of subhuman that feed on spreading fear, hatred and intolerance. You state here something along the lines of a subtle supportive voyeuristic pragmatic rhetoric. On one hand you condemn Homosexuality, yet on the other hand-with prideful arrogance, you comment here condoning the sexual act you ridicule and despise. You hypocrite! Quoting here, you say, “Hope they stick him in a Cell with some BIG BUBBA’s and let them have fun with him in the cell and shower”. Fool! Sadomasochistic licentiousness comes to mind. Types like you are common in these parts. You’re wired wrong. Your kinds have mental disorders and are dangerous. Lessor intellects, (those like you); in these parts are pesky vermin. You feed on power and pride yourself revering pleasure from others misery. Can you say Schadenfreude? Look it up Simpleton. I’m glad spawn like you are being slowly eradicated and weeded out of the gene pool. You’re a dangerous kind. Get help, and please don’t reproduce. You’re the reason Eugenics exist. God, if one exists, is laughing at you with face palm gesturing.

      • Sarah 1

        You hit the proverbial nail on the head.
        Sometimes these commenters minds are wrapped so tight with hate, they forget who what when and where.

  • IblameMily

    Not sure why the first guy (Jones) said he was “shocked” by the news! After the second person interviewed said it was a party house with people coming and going all the time, sounds to me that’s just what would happen with this gang of trouble makers. Sounds like the rest of the neighborhood was normal. Sometimes landlords know they shouldn’t rent to people like that but they need the money and then you get trash like this living next door to you.

    They’re going to have to build more jails in NW Arkansas it looks like.

  • matt

    You could stop a ton of problems by eradicating certain races but that is racics and will not be tolerated by those who get to say if you don’t accept the lifestyle or culture of a certain people you is a racics. As for the butt pirates I don’t care if they kill each other in a pen. I really don’t give a F what anyone does, just leave me out of it.

    • Mark Smith

      Matt and Clint. Here’s your sign. You expose your total pathetic views born out of such ignorance and hatred you must be the by-product of in breeding.. My God, get out of your trailer, cut the mullet, go back to school and away from your family’s that have valued chaos, hatred and ignorance over education and any sort of decency as a human being.

  • matt

    Thanks Mark. I will cut my mullet tomorrow, and divorce my sister. Might hang myself from a metal shower rod if it will make you happy. I would like to say I’m sorry for offending you but I’m not. If all you can do is call me ignorant here’s your fn sign. I said I don’t give a F what other people do as long as they leave me out of it. Never agreed, or condoned his comment. If the butt pirate thing hurt your feelings you have a problem. Not every man wants that, and demanding that every man accept it is never gonna happen.

    • Mark Smith

      Matt – It’s your total lack of education that I object too. It’s “Racist” not “racics.” Also – match verb and subject tense (i.e. “you is a racics” should be “you ARE a RACIST.”) Your whole comment is in line with the lack of an education you received – ignorant, full of local colloquial views without any original thinking on your part. That can be changed – Crack a book!

  • matt

    Mark I spelled it that way so today’s generation could understand it. Anyone with a public school education could understand it. That’s the sad part. I have cracked many books, too many to list. I like everything from Brad Thor to King and a little Tolstoy.

    • Kevin

      Apparently, “today’s generation” is not taught proper Englush and grammar. Perhaps that is why there are more criminals – the lack of a proper education to get a job/career.

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