Former Fort Smith Cop Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault

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A former Fort Smith police officer accused of having sex with a teenager he met at a summer church camp has pleaded guilty to sexual assault, according to a court official.

Billy Rowe, 31, of Bonanza, pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual assault – 2nd degree today (June 20), a court official said.

Rowe will be sentenced on July 7, according to a court official.

He was a counselor at a church camp in July, 2013 when he began the relationship with the 16-year-old girl, court documents state.

Rowe had sex four times with the teen in Sebastian County outside the Fort Smith city limits, the court documents state.

On another occasion, Rowe, while on duty, performed a “deviate” sex act on the victim within Fort Smith city limits when she was with him participating in the department’s ride-along program, according to court documents.

The sexual encounters are believed to have begun in July and ended in August, investigators said.


  • soonerfan

    What does the female get for willing to do it with him? Shouldn’t both parties be punished?

  • Get Real

    these self-righteous hypocrites clamoring for incarceration before trial need to face similar situations themselves to help them understand the “innocent until proven guilty” concept. It will be interesting to see how the prosecution proves sexual assault if the acts were consensual. would seem to disallow criminal prosecution unless other factors are present.

    • Mark Smith

      Get real – I think you need to get real and go back to school. Had you applied any critical thinking and basic reading skills taught in school you would have realized that the story states that the man pleaded GUILTY so, “innocent before being found Guilty” does not apply.

  • soonerfan

    Neither Dan Man. Just know the law. At 15 she can say yes and it is legal. Only yhing that got him was being a cop. Not saying it is right. Just the law

  • RC

    But, he was a grown man, with a baby on the way I hope his wife divorced him and he goes to prison, for 25 years

  • soonerfan

    I am not saying he is innocent. But the Arkansas law needs to be rewrote. Don’t Hate on me. Hate the law. His problem with the Arkansas law is that he was a cop. The regular Joe beats this. But not a cop.

  • Mark Smith

    Sooner and you need to go back to school and learn basic grammar. “Rewrote?” Try rewritten. “Don’t hate on me?”. Try don’t hate me. I understand you are repeating colloquialisms (look up the word) that by definition is a hallmark of illiteracy. Go back to school please. Arkansas is 48th in the nation in education. Crack a book!

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