Gentry High School Graduate Killed In Collision

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According to State Police, around 4:30 this morning 18 year old Sophia Acensio-Porter was killed when her car collided head-on with a semi.
"You don't think that the people that you love, right in your immediate world, are going to go" said Tanya Lindskog, a family friend of Acensio-Porter.
News of Sophia’s death hit hard to those who knew her.

"She's been my best friend through a lot of things," said Zoe Lindskog, Acensio-Porter’s best friend since kindergarten. “I'm sad that she won't get to be at my wedding, I won't get to be at hers.”

Friends tell 5NEWS Acensio-Porter was on her way home from teaching at a cheerleading camp. The state police report says it is presumed she fell asleep at the wheel.
News of her death spread quickly.

"It's like you're under water, where everything slows down. It doesn't seem like a reality" Tanya Lindskog said.

Sophia was a cheerleader at Gentry High School. She moved to Gentry in 2010.

"Sophia was the quintessential cheerleader. That’s who she was. She always was encouraging others," Tanya Lindskog said.

"No matter what, she always had a smile, or a joke, or something to make you feel better," Zoe Lindskog said.

The Lindskogs said Acensio-Porter’s death is tough to deal with. They say the loss makes a void in their life.

"Just the fact that I can't go and visit her, and say hi, text her,” Zoe Lindskog said.

Sophia Acensio-Porter was on her way home from a cheer-camp in Mississippi. She had been driving throughout the day and night to get home.

Sophia Acensio-Porter was only three miles from home when the accident happened.


  • objectivefodder

    This girl impacted someone’s lives for the better. Remember her and embrace the great things you remember of her and how she perhaps influenced your way of thinking. She’ll be embedded in your memory and hearts forever. We humans distinctively weigh heavily on others, so be thankful she was a part of your life somehow. It’s clear she had leadership qualities with cheerleading. We’re all shining lights in the world. Everyone was privileged to know her. Be thankful of her presence, even today. I’m thinking she made the world a better place. Prayers to the family. Stay strong-from the commentary of her friends, I’d say she was a strong willed gal. I imagine she would’ve wanted everyone to persevere and carry her torch of leadership forward.

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