Police Arrest Logan County Man In Connection With Hit-And-Run Death

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Arkansas State Police have arrested a man in connection with the hit-and-run death of a Booneville woman, according to a post on their website.

Jason Rhodes, 37, of Booneville, was arrested in connection with the hit-and-run death of Joy Duvall, 50, a pedestrian struck by a vehicle on the evening of June 17, the post states.

Duvall was walking south along the north shoulder of Arkansas 23 when she was struck. Duvall was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the post.

State troopers assigned to the department’s Highway Patrol Division and Criminal Investigation Division began their investigation of the death shortly after it was reported at 9:50 p.m. on June 17. On the evening of June 18, state troopers located a 2009 GMC Acadia, which is the vehicle believed to have been driven by Rhodes at the time of the accident, the post states.

Rhoes was arrested and taken to the Logan County Jail in Paris. He faces charges of negligent homicide and failure to stop after an accident with injury or death, according to the post.

The investigation is ongoing.


    • linda sue presley

      This is a tragic and sad thing to happen… Joy Mccubbin Duvall is a woderful and beautiful lady .. she leaves family… children and grandchildren who will deeply miss her … Mr Rhodes is someones baby boy who has family who loves him …only difference is he is still alive and our sweet precious Joy has gone to see her Mama n Daddy in Heaven …
      I know there is many emotions being felt .. .
      Please say Prayers for this man ……
      LET US REMEMBER JOY AND HER FAMILY AND Ask God to comfort them … That he will give them Peace … Nothing will bring our Precious Joy back to us but hopefully thro God there will be comfort and Peace …

  • linda

    I have to make a comment on this,knowing jason’from the nursing home’I have to say he is a wonderful man’he took better care of my mother than anyone! Being said this is a tragic accident’for both family’s..Jason has to live with his decision . Rest of his life’god has a time for all of us. Thats what I believe’

    • HL

      Well, it’s good that he took good care of your mom. But he was getting paid to do that. He evidently didn’t care too much for this lady. He evidently wasn’t enough of a “wonderful man” to stop and see if he could help this lady that he had just ran over. Was he?

    • Sarah 1

      Okay Mark, med check. Let’s see, check your diabetes with a blood check, check your blood pressure, take your sleepy time RX, and last but not least your heart medication. Of course I don’t know if you have a heart because at times you seem heartless.
      This guy left a woman in the ditch to die. Are you married? What if someone did this to your wife?
      What people do in times of Immediate stress, high emergency, and how they cope with spur of the moment circumstances is exactly who they are as people.

  • Sad

    This is my daughter in laws mother my grand baby will never get to know her other grandma it is so heart breaking he knew he hit something so stop and get out you are a LPN and he went and listen and talk to people at the ball fields about this he knew it was him and tried to get away with murder not to mention he washed his car for all if you that think what a wonderful man this is how would you feel if this was your mother ,wife or sister

  • JR

    I think we could save a lot of time and money if we just run everything past Sarah1. She has all the answers and knows all the facts on every story posted on the news. Maybe she should be on daytime television, “Justice in my opinion, by Sarah1.”

    • Sarah 1

      Flattery will get you no where AF. Facts are facts.
      Now voters can truly make a difference at the ballot box. Women get out and VOTE in November.

  • Angry

    For all of you making excuses for this man he washed his car he talked about it like it was someone else he had no remorse for what he done to this poor woman of her family would you have the same views if it was your mother or someone you loves yea I think not I hope he gets locked up and the key is thrown away yea he had kids but so did Joy and grand kids so that makes it ok to feel bad for him bs he killed her plain and simple that is murder anyway you look at it and so what is face is all over the news and news papers he is a murderer and that tends to happen when you commit a crime

  • Listen

    He did not know he hit a women. He thought he hit a animal. He is a great guy that deserves mercy. And why in the world was a women walking on a main highway at like 9 when it is like pitch black on that road.

  • zzy

    How would u know that unless u were there. To what I hear there are no witness so explain that to me. Because nobody knows unless they were there. An yes this a sweet kind hearted man. An if he knew he done it he would of stop.

  • angry

    Sarah1 How would you even know if anybody is a creep if you don’t even know the person I worked with him and he is not a creep he is a very kind and loving person so you need to mind your own business

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