VIDEO: Interview With Eyewitness To Murder

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PINE BLUFF, Ark. (KTHV) - A convicted murderer serving a 240-month sentence at the Arkansas Department of Corrections' Pine Bluff Unit reportedly walked away from his work assignment Saturday evening.

Shea Wilson with ADC said Timothy Buffington, 47, is said to be 5'6" and about 182 pounds, with a scar on his upper left arm and his right wrist.

Preliminary investigation released by ADC on Tuesday shows that Buffington broken into a safe room that Saturday at a house located on prison grounds and obtained a shotgun. According to Wilson, the door was dead-bolted, but he managed to kick the doorframe out.

She said Buffington was doing yard and janitorial work at the house. Jefferson County Sheriff's Official officials told THV11 on Sunday night that they believed he was armed with a backpack of ammo in addition to the shotgun.

According to Wilson, he confronted a woman who lives at the home, and attempted to have her drive him off the prison grounds, but she was able to get away. She reportedly ran to Randall Williams Correctional Facility for help.

Wilson told THV11 on Monday that the search is still concentrated in the area surrounding the prison, though they have alerted law enforcement in areas where Buffington may have ties. She said ADC continues to focus on public safety, and officials plan to conduct a full investigation surrounding his escape when he is back in custody.

Buffington had been considered a trusty inmate. Wilson said he had no previous record of escapes in 15 years behind bars.

He is said to have shot his ex-wife Rhonda Combs in the head with a rifle while she sat in her boyfriend's truck in Booneville in July of 1998. According to Wilson, he was admitted to ADC on March 12, 1999.

Combs and Buffington had been in a custody dispute over their two children.

If you have any information on Buffington's whereabouts, please contact authorities immediately.




  • JR Gibbs

    Come back and turn yourself in Timothy Buffington. This can be cleaned up and you go home the right way. No More violence. You can still get out in 5 or 8 years. This should add 2 or 3 years if you turn (YOURSELF) in, NOW!

  • Angel

    First of all, is that a current picture, or is it from his 1999 admission to the Pine Bluff unit? that would be helpful to know as what he looked like in 1999 may not be what he looks like now at all 5’6” and 180lbs could fit any number of men! 2nd of all why is a convicted murderer allowed on work release no matter how “trusty” they thought he might be, obviously he wasn’t so trusty now was he? Hope they catch him soon.

  • Ishmail Dentor

    He is armed. Good. This is now an excellent opportunity for the police to ease the burden on the taxpayer. If they do away with him the people will never have to worry about him getting away again nor worry about him ever hurting anyone else.


    wow, I called several places around pine bluff and nobody has heard anything about any kidnapping. how come this wasn’t reported before? it seems to me like they are attempting to sensationalize this story to make him seem more dangerous…

  • JR Gibbs

    Throw down your arms. Throw up your empty arms. You have nothing to look up too. Surrender, Man up! Please!

  • John

    Why was a murderer on work release with poor supervision? Prisons need to be less concerned with making a buck off slave labor and more concerned with public safety.

  • Sonja

    A known killer is armed?? Imagine that! This can only end one way and that is with his death, as it should be. Then the warden of that prison needs to be fired for letting someone like this, a murderer, outside his jail cell!! I feel there is more to this story than what the prison is letting on

  • Christina

    Arkansas’s Prison system is a joke!!!! I would like to address the spokes person for the Prison System!!!
    Well first of all Mrs. Wilson, it is very apparent that you and the so called prison did not do its job. Also, you have never lost anyone to a ruthless killer because if you have you wouldn’t be making stupid comments to the media. Maybe there needs to be restitution paid to the family of the victims for everyday that thee maniacs’ runs free, I bet you would have already caught him if this was the case, or maybe he wouldn’t have gotten out in the first place. Also, this man wasn’t even in prison for 4 years before you made him a trustee, hmm that sounds like he didn’t do much time at all for a ruthless killing!!!! Rhonda is my 1st cousin and I grew up with a beautiful loving person, who came from a great family and when this maniac did this to her it just about killed all of us. This man is an evil sociopath and doesn’t care for anyone but his selfish self. He didn’t even care enough for his children or he wouldn’t have sent them to live with his side of the family , but because they are grown now I won’t say much about how that turned out… I will let them come out and speak about that on their own. I can say this our side of the family should have gotten those kids and because of crooked judges and lawyers in that so called town of his, well they suffered. He should have gotten the death penalty because it was a premeditated murder and believe me if he would have done this down here in Texas, he would have and justice would have been served. I was six months pregnant with my first son and at 22 years old, when I heard this horrible crime I almost had a nervous breakdown. I am exactly 6 months older than Rhonda and now I am 40 and should would be this Oct., we all grew up with such a life loving person who I will never get to share another moment with….. I miss her dearly and he better pray that the police finds him before someone in her family does!!!!!

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