Garrett’s Blog: LPGA Rain Common

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The LPGA Tour started playing in Rogers, AR in 2007; and since then it’s rained on the tournament 7 out of 8 times during the week of play. The tournament has been held in the months of September, June, & July. Rain was recorded at nearby NWA Regional Airport the first 5 years with the only rain-free tournament in 2012.

Rain isn’t all a bad thing, it typically doesn’t last long and while play might be interrupted; cooler than normal temperatures usually prevail in the wake of the showers. Plus, the rainy season of Arkansas usually leads to easier maintenance and beautiful greens at the already gorgeous Pinnacle Country Club. The normal rainfall for June in Northwest Arkansas is around 4.98″ of rain making it one of the wettest months of the year.

More rain is expected on Wednesday & Thursday in Rogers; but if the past is any indication, the tournament will be another success for Northwest Arkansas’ local businesses and charities: rain or shine.


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  • Guy Shea

    Hey, Garrett, just thought you would like to know, when your camera looks towards Midland, Hartford area, those aren’t the Ouchita mountain range, it’s Sugarloaf Mountain! Lived here most my life, thought the info would help, since everyone I talk to think you don’t know your geography very well!

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