Foster Care Subsidies To Be Delayed A Month


Those receiving foster care or adoption subsidies from the state will not receive a July check in the mail, in order to decrease the volume of overpayments that sometimes happen, according to a letter sent to recipients.

Instead, those slated for payment are now scheduled to receive their July checks a month later, in August, with each month’s check appearing the following month, the letter states.

The letter from Cecile Blucker, director of the Arkansas Department of Human Services’ Division of Children and Family Services, states that the Foster Care/Adoption Subsidy Board Cycle process is changing “in order to eliminate paying for placement in advance and decreasing the volume of overpayments and recoupments that occur as a result of the current process.”

Recipients will receive their July payments in mid-August, according to the letter. August foster care and subsidy payments will be received “around the second week in September,” the letter states.


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