Woman Pointed Gun Out Window During Road Rage Incident, Report States


A woman faces felony charges after authorities say she pointed a gun at a motorist during a bout of road rage in Washington County.

Jennifer Blumthal, 42, was arrested Sunday on suspicion of aggravated assault. She was released Monday from the Washington County Detention Center on $6,500 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect’s arraignment is scheduled for July 25, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said they recovered two Glock handguns and 35 rounds of ammunition after stopping Blumthal’s vehicle while responding to the situation.

Washington County deputies responded Sunday afternoon to Fayetteville, after a man told authorities a woman had pointed a gun out of a vehicle window at him during an incident of road rage on Arkansas 45 nearby, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

A responding deputy saw the victim’s vehicle flash his lights at him while driving. He then saw a silver Toyota 4Runner with Tennessee license plates behind the victim’s vehicle, the report states.

After the deputy stopped the two vehicles, Blumthal emerged from the 4Runner with a Glock pistol at her side, according to the preliminary report. Investigators later recovered another Glock handgun behind the passenger seat of the vehicle, along with 35 rounds of ammunition, the report states.

The victim told deputies the woman flipped him off while driving down the road. He returned the gesture, and she then drove recklessly in front of him, trying to cause him to wreck, according to the preliminary report.

The man said he pulled off on a dirt road in Madison County to try to get away from the woman, but she found him and cut off his path with her vehicle, causing him to drive off into the ditch, the report states. When the man got back onto the road and started heading into Washington County east of Goshen, he could see a handgun being hung out of the window pointed at him, according to the preliminary report.

Blumthal told authorities she did not point a gun and instead had held her phone out to take a video of the victim’s allegedly erratic driving, the report states.

“I asked why she didn’t call 911 and she said her phone didn’t because it was from “Tennessee,” the reporting deputy states in the report.

Investigators said they also found a “tact vest” in the woman’s vehicle, and she said she was in the military, although the suspect would not say which branch she belonged to, the reporting officer said.

The suspect said she was on her way to a school in Fort Smith, the report states, although it does not mention which school.


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