Bentonville School Board Finalizes Details Of Superintendent’s Contract

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The Bentonville School Board has finalized the details of Superintendent Michael Poore’s contract, Poore told 5NEWS.

The school board originally voted to, “negotiate an amended three-year employment agreement for the same compensation terms, but with new accountability criteria that is mutually agreed upon by Mr. Poore and the board,” on Feb. 20.

The accountability criteria has been set and finalized, Poore said.

One piece of the accountability criteria the school board said they would like to see was the school’s graduation rate improving by two percent, Poore said.

He told 5NEWS the board established four areas or categories to become specific targets for Poore and the school district to work toward improving throughout his extended three-year contract.

Those four areas are:

  • Academic achievement
  • Financial stewardship
  • Strategic leadership
  • Community and public relations

Poore also said that one part of his contact that would not change was his financial package. None of the faculty, including himself, would be getting a raise, although, he hopes for everyone to get a raise next year and is planning for that to be part of the budget.

Poore’s current salary is $204,500, according to Mary Ley, spokeswoman for the Bentonville School District.

Although Poore’s contract was extended for three years, his contract does have to be renewed at the end of every year, he said.