Drivers In Northwest Arkansas Saw Heavy Rains And Flooding

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Motorists on Arkansas 71-Business Wednesday afternoon may have wished they had a canoe to travel in instead.

Isolated rain storms pounded Northwest Arkansas causing flash flooding and problems for drivers.

Springdale firefighter Capt. David Kissinger said if you ever see this much water on the roads---stay away.

"Anytime that it rains excessively hard, I would recommend that first of all you slow down your vehicle, turn your lights on and never cross a flooded road," Kissinger said.

He said there's a common saying to "turn around, don't drown," and drivers need to keep that motto in mind when driving on flooded streets.

Kissinger said if you are ever in a place where the water is above your door or you feel unsafe, you need to call 911.

"If you're stuck in that position, we recommend that you call 911 as soon as possible," Kissinger, "That way we can be in route and use our swift water teams equipment to rescue the occupant."

Public Works Director Sam Goade said the rain was so heavy the drains couldn't keep up.

"If they could see the water running out of the storm drains, they would see that they are just running as full as they could run and it just takes a while for them to run down," Goade said.

He said Springdale officials are sending out workers Thursday to check drains and make sure they are clear.