Interstate 49 Bridge: “What We Have Is A Dream”

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The U.S. Department of Transportation has officially designated Interstate 540 from Alma north to the Missouri border as Interstate 49 Wednesday (June 25) at a ceremony in Alma.

5NEWS spoke with Arkansas Highway Commissioner Dick Trammel about the future of the road and an Interstate 49 bridge.

Watch the video above to see the interview.


  • As usual...

    All I heard was Mr. Trammel’s platitudes and babbling about funding not being in place for the I-49 bridge, or the rest of the interstate for that matter. Once they finish 6-laning the interstate in NWA and finish the 2-lane bypass around Bella Vista, that’s going to be about it for the next 10 years.

    That nice little section of “interstate-grade” highway out east of Barling? It’s going to stay that way for a long time. Just a bypass to nowhere.

    Mr. Trammel is the only AHTD rep for this area, but he has no strings to pull with the rest of the department. All he does is go on TV to repeat what the talking heads in Little Rock tell him to say. “There is no funding.” “All we have is a dream.” Well at least that part is true.

    I-49=One of the greatest scams to ever happen in Arkansas.

      • Elaphas

        Lay off the meth. Arkansans for justice? What justice? Welfare for all? Go crawl back under your rock.

      • Well...

        What’s your solution, “Arkansans for Justice”? ALL politicians, Republican and Democrat (or whatever other party), are scam artists. At least that’s what they end up being once elected. They have twisted the Constitution beyond recognition to where it’s nothing but a piece of paper. The Founding Fathers have turned over in their graves aplenty.

        The only hope for this Nation is for its people (most of them tired of the BS) to invade DC and overthrow this oversized government. It has destroyed our freedom.

  • Tom

    A dream? More like a nightmare. What will this “wonderful” interstate bring when it’s finished in 20 years? More people, more traffic, more congestion, more crime, and on and on. Now kind of dream is that?

  • Brian

    Could channel 5 actually ask the real questions to the highway department and our politicians? Why does Missouri and Louisiana have most of I49 in their states complete and Arkansas has so little? It’s one question I have yet to seen asked by any media in Arkansas.

    • Scott

      Wholeheartedly agree- our lack of progress in road development/ improvement and infrastructure as a whole in the west/northwest area of the state is a complete travesty. And it’s embarrassing to the state as a whole.
      Of course when Hillary Rodham gets elected in 2016 maybe that will change like it did in the 90s. (Wait- most of that funding will probably go to NY.) :(

      • Watcher

        The estimated cost from 2012 to complete the portion from Texarkana to Fort Smith is $2.5 billion. No sweat, It’s just a minor setback. ;)

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